THE WHITEST and rarest monkey you are likely to see has been snapped taking a cheeky bite of his sibling’s head.

The extremely rare white baby primate that is also an already light-coloured snow monkey was pictured getting cuddles from mum, jumping around and posing with pouted lips in a hilarious “blue steel” moment for the camera.

This is reportedly the first sighting of a white snow monkey at the park, having never been observed before in the 51-year history. The images were captured at Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan – a ‘spa’ constructed for these animals that live wild in the mountains of the Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

While the baby monkey is pure white, it’s eyes are dark brown which indicates it is not an albino.

The rarity of its white fur is confirmed by the light brown fur both its mum and sibling sport.