Alaska, USA. Tony Wu / NPL /

By Rebecca Drew

BREATH-TAKING images have been released showing the moment a pod of humpback whales emerged from the water to bubble net feed just feet away from a boat of photographers.

Other incredible pictures in the series show the moment one 30-ton whale breached the water before making an almighty splash on the way back down to the surface.

South Pacific. Tony Wu / NPL /

Another underwater shot shows an adorable calf resting underneath its mother as they glide through the water.

The pictures were taken by award-winning nature photographer, Tony Wu, in Alaska, USA and the South Pacific. Tony dedicates his working life to researching and documenting rarely seen marine animals and environments.

South Pacific. Tony Wu / NPL /

Tony spends most of his time researching and arranging trips up to two years in advance and investing in new equipment.

“What makes this all worthwhile, of course, is the unique experiences I’m fortunate enough to have, and the many wonderful people I have had the opportunity to meet and befriend,” said Tony on his website.

“To this end, I have a strong preference for going places that are remote and unexplored, as well as to areas that are not necessarily difficult to reach, but are inexplicably unknown or under-appreciated. In other words, I’d much rather visit non-touristy places than be stuck in a mass-market hotel surrounded by a swarm of vacationers.

South Pacific. Tony Wu / NPL /

“I find that I learn much more about myself, the world, and life in general this way, which is the inspiration underpinning all the images and stories I create.

“Photographs, words and video are the tools I use to communicate what I experience and observe.”

South Pacific. Tony Wu / NPL /