Mother Earth has in store some of the most unique and captivating places secretly tug away where most people have never heard of them. Suppose you are an explorer and a traveler. In that case, these places might be familiar to you but if you are planning and searching for an exotic destination for your vacation, keep reading to be surprised and excited.

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When it comes to exotic, this can be subjective. But we have tried our best to narrow down all the excellent candidates for the most exotic places to visit into 5 best of the best.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, also known as the “Land of the Beautiful Horses,” is a magical region known for its fairytale scenery, cave dwellings, and remarkable rock formations. And, of course, we can’t talk about Cappadocia without mentioning the hot-air balloons at sunrise.Ā 


While it is one of the top honeymoon destinations, it is also the perfect place to spend time with your friends and family. You can go on a fantastic hiking adventure and spend a week exploring Cappadocia’s diverse hiking trails.


How to get to Cappadocia: The quickest way to get to Cappadocia from Istanbul is to fly. Regular flights arrive at Kayseri Airport, a short drive or bus ride from the major cities of ƜrgĆ¼p and Gƶreme.Ā 


Where to stay: Some of the best places to explore in Cappadocia are right in the hotels! Mithra Cave Hotel, Sultan Cave Suites, Local Cave HouseĀ  Hotel, Museum Hotel.


When to visit: May to July.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is part of Thailand’s mountainous region, best known for its magnificent ancient temples. Surrounding the city is home to two tribal villages and numerous natural attractions like visiting the city’s beautiful temples and unique sites.

Suppose you’re willing to venture further afield.In that case, you’ll discover that Chiang Mai is surrounded by amazing, one-of-a-kind places to be and things to do, like Celebrating Songkran, Night Street Market, BuaThong Falls, and elephant jungle sanctuaries. So, If you are planning a trip to this enchanted land full of unforgettable experiences, headover to Thailand Nomads for the best guides to explore Chiang Mai.


How to get to Chiang Mai: Located 700 km or 434 miles north of Bangkok. You can opt to fly between the two cities, take a train journey from Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong Station to Chiang Mai Station, or take a bus.Ā 


Where to stay: For the best experience, stay near the Old City area, Tha Phae Gate, Night Bazaar Area, Nimmanhaemin, and Wat Ket


When to visit: October, April, and festival seasons

Tsingy de Bemaraha or Forest of Knives, Madagascar

This is truly an intriguing and rare place to be. The Forest of Knives is known for vertical limestone rocks with razor-sharp edges dating back 200 million years. Madagascar is the place to be if you’re tired of always spending your vacations in high and bright artificial lights. The Forest of Knives is home to many endemic plant and animal species.


A quick reminder for long traveling such as this is to always carry essential toiletries with you. Such an organized plan will save you a lot of trouble in a foreign land. Here is a quick guide to help you organize The Ultimate Checklist For Your Toiletry Bag.


How to get to Forest of Knives: The most convenient option is to charter a plane and fly there or book a tour with a company that can arrange your transfers. If renting a car, consider taking the RN8.


Where to stay: Several lodging options exist for non-camping visitors, like Olympe de Bemaraha, OrchidƩe de Bemaraha, and Le Soleil des Tsingy.


When to visit:Ā  April to November.


Fiji is considered the South Pacific’s crown jewel. This South Pacific archipelago entices travelers seeking adventure and relaxation with its 330 islands to explore. It is world-renowned for its swaying palms on white-sand beaches, mountainous mountains and jungles, and colorful coral reefs just off the coast.


Spinner dolphins, five different turtle species, and the rare Fiji crested iguana can all be found in its waters. Waterfalls and hiking trails through the rainforest lead to hot springs and panoramic lookouts.


How to get to Fiji: Due to its remote location, it is best to contact your tour companies or take a flight yourself if you are an experienced traveler.


Where to Stay: when it comes to finding a place to stay, Fiji has it covered, although it can be a little expensive. You can find the best resort and villas to experience Fiji at Sheraton Resort and Spa, Sheraton Fiji Golf and Beach Resort, and Shera Denarau Villas.


When to visit: June to September

French Polynesia

Unquestionably one of the most exotic places to visit on vacation in French Polynesia, with emerald lagoons glistening and the scents of vanilla, coconuts, and Tiare Tahiti flowers filling the air.Ā 


Travelers typically go island hopping to experience the laid-back lifestyle or splurge for the ultimate luxury island vacation. A typical day in this place means lounging on palm-lined beaches, snorkeling or diving with rays and sharks in azure lagoons, and hiking to hidden waterfalls.


How to get to French Polynesia: you will need to take a flight, but due to its popularity, there are several airlines you can hop on to take you to Tahiti. Because Papeete has the only international airport, your flight will arrive in the capital.


Where to stay: you can find many luxury hotels in Bora Bora. You will find an all-inclusive package for the ultimate luxury vacation or Vanira Lodge on the Tahiti peninsula, which faces the ocean on one side and is surrounded by dense forest on the other.


When to visit: June to SeptemberĀ 

Final Thoughts

We hope this list excites you and helps you decide on your next traveling destination. Exploring a new world can be fun and exhilarating.Ā 


However, it is equally important that you prioritize your health and safety when you are traveling abroad here are the Top Tips To Help You Stay Healthy And Safe When Exploring Somewhere Abroad that will definitely be useful for your next journey.