By Aimee Braniff Cree


THE CUTEST IMAGES of a six month old baby orangutan smiling in its sleep have been captured.

Images from November 16th show the six month old Jarang – the first Bornean orangutan born at Blackpool Zoo in over two decades – caught somewhere between dreaming and being awake.

The six month old Bornean orangutan is a vital birth

Jarang is a Bornean Orangutan his species is endangered and records show the population is decreasing so he is a vital birth for the species.

These images were captured by photographer Gary Cox (53) from Manchester England.

Gary captured the precious baby on his Canon 80D with a 50mm lens.

Baby Jarang was very close to his mum Jingga by the viewing glass at the orangutan enclosure. I’m sure she was showing him off to us,” said Gary.

“Jingga does appear to want the viewing public to see her baby.

The baby waking up smiling

“Other animals tend to keep their young away from prying eyes but Jingga looks extremely proud and makes sure everyone can see her little pride and joy.

“It is always a thrill to see newborn animals, particularly when it is as important as this, seeing as the Bornean Orangutan is critically endangered.

“I think the vertical shot where he is making fists and his eyes are open is one of my favourites it’s very cute.

The baby orangutan rubbing its eyes

“This was an extremely important birth back on 14th June 2023.

“It is the first Bornean Orangutan born at the zoo in over two decades.

“Fittingly he has been named Jarang which means ‘rare’ in Malayan.”