By Saloni Mathur


MOST ADORABLE pictures of a flying frog making an umbrella out of a leaf were captured in West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Smart frog holding a leaf like an umbrella

Determined to keep himself nice and dry, this smart frog sheltered himself from the pouring rain by grabbing onto a leaf and holding it over its head until it was over.

This little genius was so dead set on saving himself from any drop of the rain that he did not let go of the leaf even after it stopped.

These hilarious images were captured by 44-year-old photographer Yan Hidayat from a distance of three feet using his Nikon camera and a 150mm macro Sigma lens.

This species of frog is known as the flying frog because of its ability to jump very far, 40 to 50 feet and achieve gliding flight; it is also sometimes known as a gliding frog.

Frog taking shelter under leaf

They are very social creatures and live in groups called colonies or armies. They live almost exclusively in trees and only descend from them to mate and lay eggs.

“I love the expression on the face of the frog who is really enjoying the falling rainwater from the safety of the leaf,” he said.

“I, too, was under a shelter, so I did not get rained upon, but I felt really lucky and happy to be able to capture such a unique moment.

Smart frog taking shelter from the rain under a leaf

“I love capturing frogs. I think they are one of the cutest animals out there.”