There’s no denying that fresh sea air can make a huge difference to your mood and wellbeing. As a result, seaside destinations can act as a piece of respite all year round. But what is it about the prospect of living by the sea that has us all hooked?

Here’s what you need to know.

The advantages of spending time near water

Being near water is commonly associated with good mental health – nature in general has a good impact on our wellbeing. Experts believe that it can boost happiness, whether you prefer to sit beside a lake or jump right in and go swimming.

It’s believed that a combination of factors contributes to this feeling of serenity and relaxation we feel around water. Some think it’s down to the sounds, particularly when listening to the waves lapping, while others focus more on the exercising aspect. Water is viewed by many as a way to relieve stress. Historically, doctors would even order patients to breathe in the sea air as a remedy for illness.

Benefits of living by the sea 

What better way than to enjoy the benefits of water all year round than by living beside the sea? Fortunately, the UK is an island with endless coastal destinations to enjoy. 

Furniture specialists Hammonds reported that more people have considered moving to the coast in light of flexible working patterns. In fact, a reported 57% of UK workers favour a hybrid working model, and this move away from the daily commute and city centre living has meant one in five (20%) people are reportedly considering moving further away from their workplace, giving them more freedom over where they pick to live.

The seaside town of Margate in Kent came out on top, scoring an enviable 90 out of a possible 100 points in our table. Other draw factors include the fact that local houses here are 26% cheaper on average compared to Kent as a whole. The average home in Margate will set you back £286,716, which is 10k over the current UK average house price of £276,755 but includes a short walk from beautiful sandy beaches. Margate has also been tagged in 959k posts on Instagram showcasing solid popularity with visitors who love to experience this desirable seaside spot.

Often, seaside towns are renowned for having cute, historic houses which, while they look picturesque, can sometimes be tight for space and storage options. However, it isn’t anything that smart storage solutions such as ottoman beds or over-bed wardrobes can’t tackle. For many of us, the prospect of an ideal location and the potential of tailoring our living spaces is enough to persuade us to make the move.

Do you feel you could be swayed by a home beside the sea?