By Mahima Kaur





FUNNY images of hungry puffins showing off mouthfuls of fish have been captured in Farne Islands, Northumberland, England.

A puffin flies away to safety after catching a mouthful of fish.

One of the images shows two puffins engaged in a stare-off probably competing about who has more fish stuffed in its mouth.


Puffins are rightly nicknamed ‘clowns of the sea’ or ‘sea parrots’.

A careful landing for the puffin.

They are carnivores and live off small fish such as herring, hake and sand eels.


These images were captured by photographer Calvin Taylor Lee(46) using a Sony A7riv + Sony 200-600mm.

Puffins usually go to the sea and bring back these mouthfuls of fish,” said Calvin.

A puffin after a fresh catch.

“They also use these fish to feed their baby puffins.


“A black tailed gull was trying to steal and attack the puffin which was horrible to see.


Puffins were running around with these fish in their mouths.”