By Aimee Braniff Cree


THIS WOMAN has spent £30K undergoing 300 hours the needle to achieve her ten year quest of having her whole body one-hundred percent tattooed and now she gets “too many marriage proposals to count.”

Content Creator and Model Bethany Moore (29) known online as @thegreatwave101 from East Sussex, England admitted she hated herself as a child.

But that all changed at 18 once she got her first tattoo.

From then on, she fell in love with her reflection in the mirror for the first time.

Since then, Bethany has spent over ten years getting tattooed, estimating she has spent around £30,000 but with some tattoos and has spent almost 300 hours under the tattoo needle.

So far, 95% of her body is covered in tattoos and she has no plans to stop.

Bethany admits that while she is happy in her own skin, her look does not appeal to everyone, and she receives negativity from people questioning her judgement.

Despite always being asked the question “how will that look when you are 70” Bethany has no regrets about her choices.

“I was always very self-conscious, growing up, never felt comfortable or happy in my own skin,” said Bethany.

“So, once I started getting tattoos for the first time, I didn’t hate looking at myself in the mirror which made it very addictive for me to keep on getting more tattoos and the more I got the happier I was in my own skin.

“I hated how I looked before even now when I look back at pictures, and I see myself without tattoos I think ewww, yuck.

“I get mixed feedback on my tattoos, mostly positive and also surprised as being a woman this heavily tattooed definitely still shocks a lot of people.

“You’re always going to get haters and I get some really nasty comments as well, but I never let that affect me as I did this for myself, not for anyone else.”

Bethany has another couple of sessions to complete her Japanese bodysuit and then she will be finished, after £30K and 300 hours she will have completed her tattoo suit journey.

“I have spent close to 30k GBP. By the time I’m finished it will be over that.

“I have probably spent over 300 hours now getting tattooed. I’ve started to lose count.

“The transformation has taken me close to 10 years since starting my tattoo journey.

“I’m hoping my suit will be finished by the end of the year which will make it 10 years exactly.

“I’d say I’m about 95% of my body tattooed now.

“Technically, I now just have one big one because it all connects, which is the reason why I chose Japanese art as I didn’t want any gaps between individual tattoos.

“I wanted it all to flow across my whole body, so it really is just one tattoo that’s taken hundreds of sessions.

“A couple of months ago, I had another session on my final leg. Only a couple more sessions to go and my full Japanese bodysuit will be complete.”

Bethany does not shy away from the pain she has endured at times.

“My first tattoo was on my side over my ribs, and it was of a wolf howling which was resembling my childhood dog that had died as he used to do that, so I wanted something to remember him by,” she said.

“Ribs and stomach were super painful, but so were my boobs as I’m sure you can imagine and also bum which people are surprised about but that really hurt me.”

Bethany has a lot of supporters who love the artwork she wears on her body, but such a unique look also garners her plenty of haters.

“I get so many amazing comments about my transformation, but one of my favourites is when people tell me, I’ve inspired them to start their tattoo journey when they were worried to do it before because of what people might say,” she shared.

“I love knowing that I can give people confidence to do whatever they want to do with their body, and not worry about what other people say.

“I also have a lot of my followers on Instagram asking me to marry them, which of course I’m very flattered by.

“I have been sent too many proposals to count. People comment on my posts saying “marry me” all the time, and in my DMs too.

“I’m super close with my family and they really do love and support me in everything I do in life, including my tattoos.

“When I first started getting tattooed, they questioned me to make sure it was what I wanted, but now it’s just become a part of who I am, and they love that about me even though they have no tattoos themselves they love mine on me.

“Some of the worst comments I have had are, ‘what have you done to yourself’, ‘you were so beautiful’, ‘you’ve ruined your body’, ‘what a mess’, ‘that’s going to look horrible when your 70’. I think my tattoos will look awesome when I’m 70 but I also really won’t care when I’m that old anyway.

“But really none of these comments phase me at all. I love it when people say its ‘daddy issues’ which I find hilarious because I’m super close with my dad and he supports me fully in all I do in life along with the rest of my family.

“The most polarising aspect of my tattoos is the fact I am a woman and being this heavily tattooed.

“Also, my neck tattoo sparks up a lot of conversation. Some people love it, and some people hate it.”

If you are considering a tattoo transformation of your own Bethany has this advice to share.

“If it’s going to make you happy then do it, don’t rush it make sure it’s going to be something you truly want but at the same time, don’t overthink it otherwise you’ll never get anything done,” she said.

“I have absolutely zero regrets, getting my full Japanese bodysuit. It has made me the woman I am today, and I’ll be forever grateful for that.

“It was truly worth every penny and painful minute under the needle.”

You can follow the last part of Bethany’s journey on instagram @thegreatwave101