Crystal water, impeccable weather, sandy beaches, extravagant and yet frantic décor is what mesmerizes most visitors to Bali. This true Indonesian gem is utterly intriguing to most tourists as most want to bring that wild and nature-inspired vibe home and dwell into Balinese marvels long after the holiday is over. What attracts most people about Balinese interior design is the splendid fusion of contemporary and retro style, crafted and nature-inspired elements, and exotic artisan items. Luckily, in today’s day and age, anybody can usher Balinese style into their home after visiting this worry-free vacation island, and master it. All it takes is to follow the following tips and tricks.

  • Embrace linen

Besides many other funky materials, linen exudes both elegance and freedom. Most Balinese hotels and holiday resorts use linen for the curtains, sheets, light throws, and tablecloths. The best thing about this incredibly good and grateful material is that it’s rather inexpensive, easy to find and maintain. 

  • Interfuse earthy hues

When it comes to wall paint and another decorative color, the earthy pallet is more than welcomed. Smooth and light earthy colors symbolize nature, so they will maximally invite the Balinese feel into your home. Most hues like beige, light yellow, cream, off-beat white exude a serene, fresh, and chic look that will blend with any furniture you may possess.

  • Spruce up the wall décor

If you desire to incorporate Balinese style into your home, leave the walls empty and bare is a big no. The entire style is consistent with nature-inspired elements, especially the artwork. For instance, to adequately master the Balinese style you might want to shop for longhorn skulls to hang on the walls. An authentic carved longhorn skull invites that artistic boho dream in your home, plus it ravishingly mimics the real Balinese-style ambient.

  • Opt for cozy outdoor furniture

To perfectly implement the Balinese style into your outdoor area you must have some lavishing plants. The proper balance between the right greeneries and adaptable furniture will create your tranquil Balinese heaven. Find sleek but attractive cane furniture for the sitting area, and maybe insert some woven details. Aim to add a water feature like a petite garden fountain, Balinese-inspired statues, wooden bowels, lanterns, and bamboo accents.

  • Surround your home with baskets

Ditch the old metal umbrella holder with a nature-inspired bohemian basket. If you wish to insert some unique Balinese identification into your home and not spend much money doing so, placing versatile baskets into your living area is the key. Seagrass baskets especially give out that “island life” like feel, plus they come in many shapes and sizes and you can use them for storing and organizing anything you desire.

  • Elevate the Balinese character

Another quite nifty way to easily bring the Balinese style into your interior is to place various cute and inspirational accents that adequately resemble the island’s character. Think wooden dinnerware like kitchen utensils, platers, spoons which add natural warmth and texture. Next, replace the traditional cutlery with stoneware and opt for getting patterned and invigorating mugs, plates, or vases made of raw ceramics.

  • Lavish your home with greeneries

Mesmerizing landscape, rich rice fields, and an abundance of luscious plants and planters ravish the Balinese surrounding. Anybody can easily mimic those views, all it takes is bringing the outside in. This means placing exotic plants and planters that will naturally embellish your interior. Get some potted tropical palm trees, ferns, ornamental ginger, maybe even a banana tree or bamboo. Make sure that you read about how to maintain those house plants.

  • Be bold

Go for the look of a traditional Balinese-style home by going all in. Place a large Buddha statue in the entrance of your home, or hang any large-scale Balinese-inspired painting. Also, feel free and courageous to experiment with vivacious colors for the wall paint. Bold and extravagant colors that resemble Balinese’s nature are fiery red, dark purple, or lively green and they should blend ideally in any home.

Don’t forget to dress up every part of your house, even your bathroom. Channel the island vibe by following the above-mentioned tips and you’ll have a sensationally decorated home.