Last year has shown us the importance of travelling and being in the company of those we love. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many big events had to be cancelled: weddings, birthdays and sports events, to name only a few. But, this year seems like a new opportunity to start fresh, and it definitely seems like things will go back to normal. So if you’ve been planning a destination wedding, then feel free to continue with preparations, but with carefulness. Therefore, here are some amazing tips that will help you plan a perfect destination wedding. 

Choose the place

The first thing you should decide on is, of course, the location. Some prefer exotic destinations such as the Bahamas or French Riviera, while others prefer something closer to home and cosier. Whatever the case, it’s important to find a location, and to make sure that it allows weddings to take place. After you ensure that, you can resume other planning activities. Also, it’s advisable to visit the destination before the wedding, so you’ll have a clear overview of what to expect. 

Sort out the paperwork 

If you plan to marry abroad, then it’s crucial to sort out the paperwork before your big day. The first thing you should do is to check whether your country recognizes the marriage license from your destination wedding location.  In case that’s not the case, you may need a second wedding in your home country in order to make your marriage official. Also, if you’re unsure about visas, then contact the country’s embassy or consulate to make further clarifications. If your passport is near its expiry date, then don’t forget to renew it before taking a trip. The last thing you need is to be sent back home because your passport isn’t in order. 

Set a budget 

Since destination weddings tend to be more costly than regular weddings, you should set a budget before you start planning. The easiest way to determine the budget is to make a guest list and to check with your guests their ability and availability to pay. Guest lodging is a popular option, however, you need to be prepared that some people may not have enough funds to cover those costs. Therefore, make sure that these matters are in order, so you’ll be able to plan other things.

Plan the wedding attires and other important things

Your wedding dress or suit is probably one of the most critical ant aspects of your wedding, which is why it’s necessary to be sure that they fit. So you should start with preparations on time. Also, if you’re a guy taking part in wedding preparations, then it’s of utmost importance to shop for quality rings for your girlfriend, so you’ll be able to find the best ones for your special day. Engagement and wedding rings matter a lot because after the celebration is over, and the wedding clothes get safely tucked in the wardrobe, these items stay on your finger as a reminder of your connection and love. 

Hire a professional 

If organizing the whole event is too much work for you, then feel free to hire a professional wedding planner. If the big portion of planning is connected to the destination of your wedding, then hiring a local wedding planner might be a good idea. That’s due to the fact that locals have better relationships with local vendors and hotels, meaning they’ll be able to get you the best deals for your money’s worth. And if there’s a specialized tourist agency that plans destination weddings, then feel free to contact them for some information and extra help. 


Marrying abroad is an exciting way to celebrate your love and spend your special day with those who matter to you. However, in order for things to go smoothly, you need to start planning on time. Also, your paperwork needs to be in order, together with your wedding attire and other important items. Finally, keep in mind to have fun and enjoy your day, as that is the best way to have an amazing beginning of your marriage.