Beyond the basics of shelter, food, and water, what else does a man need? Clothing? Yes. A solid income is not only tremendous but needed. A comfortable place is also ideal – where you can rest and relax, especially after how 2020 turned out. Before you sprint out the door each morning, do you take a minute to think about the essential items you require for the day? 

Oftentimes, you’ll likely grab your phone and keys without a second thought. However, that’s not all a man needs to conquer the day ahead of him. Whether someone requires something fixed, a bottle opened, something written, there’s always some guy who has the specific tools at hand. With this check-list of everyday carry gear for men, you’ll find the perfect accessories to ensure you are prepared to handle anything.


Pocket Knife

A pocket knife will serve you well for a myriad of activities. Whether you’re cutting boxes open, defending yourself, or sharpening a pencil or stick, this tool comes in handy. When we mention a pocket, personalization also comes into the picture. The professionals behind point out that you need to have a pocket knife that adds a whole new level of dimension to your style. When choosing your preferred knife, you also need to keep a few things in mind. Try and pick something lightweight that is easy to clean, opens quickly, and comes with a clip.


A Mini Wallet

Today, having a bulky wallet is a thing of the past. If our computers, TVs, and phones are getting slimmer by the day, then why shouldn’t our wallets? Go for a mini wallet with a minimal accessory design. This is something that slips into your pocket without creating any protruding bulges. Having a mini wallet also frees up more space for other accessories. Even with a sleek design, there’s still room for your cards, cash, and other essentials. This allows for convenience, and it comes in handy when you’re traveling.


A Watch

And not just a watch! Every man needs to own at least one good watch. You don’t need a $6,000 Rolex. However, you should likely spend at least $400 or so on a good watch. At this price, you’re assured of a timeless piece that will work well for years. It’s also easy to find many watchmakers making attractive timepieces in that range. As for the type of band, size of the face, features, the function, among others, go for something that suits your style. However, refrain from buying something cheap; you’ll have a good watch that’ll last a couple of generations.



Every stylish man needs to carry eyewear in his bag. Your eyewear should include a pair of sunglasses and contact glasses too. But, what if I don’t have an eyesight problem? Yes, still, you need to carry both of these. Every fashionable man goes through different moods throughout the day. Sometimes you want to look decent and well-polished, and other times you want the bad boy look. Wearing the contact glasses gives you a more manly appeal. Again, if you have an eyesight issue, you need to wear contact glasses almost every time.



It seems old-school for a man to carry a handkerchief. However, a handkerchief has more value than you think. You can always give it out as an act of chivalry. You can also use it to wipe the sweat off your forehead in the middle of summer. It also comes in handy when taming a runny nose or blowing your nose in a crowded place.

In most cases, tissues aren’t always readily available when you need them. Also, a handkerchief is a more manly alternative to napkins or toilet paper. Finally, you can even style everything up with monogrammed handkerchiefs.


Pocket Flashlight

When you think of flashlights, you might be picturing the traditional massive flashlight. However, times have changed. You no longer need a flashlight that uses D batteries to function. We now have LED bulbs that produce sharp light at incredible lumens. They also have slim batteries the size of a nickel and are easy to carry. A flashlight is convenient as it serves many purposes. For instance, think about the many times you’ve dropped car keys in the parking garage at night, followed by a desperate attempt of trying to find them. Chances are, if it’s dark, you’ll have a hard time finding them. This is why it’s vital to have a flashlight in case a situation presents itself.


A Pen

Whether it’s a regular ballpoint pen, a tactical pen, or a screwdriver pen, it doesn’t matter. The bottom line is: always have a pen. Every stylish man needs to carry a pen before they dash out in the morning. A pen is vital as it helps you note down something you need to remember, open a door, or sign a document. Finally, you’ll also need to carry a notebook if you’re going to carry a pen. There’s no shortage of pens in the world, but there’s a shortage of men who carry them.


Power Bank

In this age of social media and high-speed internet, your phone will likely drain battery charge quickly, especially if you’re scrolling the internet for long. Carrying a power bank is a more stylish and tech-savvy choice for every man. Having a power bank is a one-time investment. It will save you worry when your phone’s battery goes down.


A Quality Belt

Your belt should have folded edges or should be neatly edge painted. Go for a machine-sewn or hand-sewn belt because it will last every glue. Ensure it’s made from quality leather material from the inside and out. Ideally, it would be best if you always endeavored to match your belt’s color to your shoes. While belts are timeless pieces, you can still incorporate suspenders into your wear. Suspenders hang from your shoulders and will always keep your pants in position and from falling.

There you have it. The must-have items every man needs to carry with him at all times. These accessories will make you stand out from the crowd. You can also include a few additional items like a water bottle, headphones, and mint – for your breath – as part of your daily package. Start taking inventory of your possessions and add any of these items if they’re missing out.