By Martin Ruffell


THIS MAN spent over ONE-THOUSAND-POUNDS to look like a VAMPIRE by tattooing his eyes and tongue BLACK and even having FANGS implanted.

Professional body modifier  (25) from Minas Gerais, Brazil, always wanted to modify his body when he grew up after yearning to look different as a child. As a lover of demon-inspired TV shows including The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural, Jason wanted to resemble his favourite characters.

At the age of 18, Jason’s dream became a reality when he had his eyeballs tattooed completely black. Since then, he has had his tongue split in two to look like a snake’s, as well as his teeth extended using porcelain implants to look like those of a vampire.

The 25-year-old now looks unrecognisable from his former self. MDWFeatures / @jasonluiz9

Despite there being risks associated with eyeball tattoos – the most severe being the possibility of going blind if the ink is injected incorrectly – Jason was never in doubt about wanting to go ahead with the tattoo.

Jason says that the most painful procedure was his recent tongue tattoo in which he tattooed the whole of his own tongue black – a process that took one hour to complete.

As a body modification specialist himself, Jason has been able to enlist the help of his fellow body mod friends to carry out his extensive work and as a result, he’s managed to spend just £1,000 on achieving the spooky look he was after.

A before and after look at Jason’s new, creepy teeth. MDWFeatures / @jasonluiz9

Unsurprisingly, Jason often has strangers stare at him when he is out in public and has even been called a ‘freakshow’ and a ‘demon’ by detractors.

However, Jason doesn’t let this bother him and has no plans to stop modifying his body anytime soon. He wants to go under the knife to modify his ears to look like those of an elf. Jason also wants to add 3D silicone implants under the skin on his arm and cover his body in further tattoos.

His alternative look hasn’t stopped him from finding love in the past with one previous girlfriend even thinking his black eyes made him ‘look charming’.

He has also undergone a tongue splitting procedure. MDWFeatures / @jasonluiz9

“I have always been passionate about modifications and was finally able to paint my eyes aged eighteen,” said Jason.

“Six months ago, I had my tongue splitting procedure and since then, I’ve also tattooed my tongue and recently modified my teeth.

“My favourite modification is definitely my eyes. Every day I look in the mirror and can’t believe that I have made such an improvement.

The 25-year-old had porcelain implants fitted to extend his canines and give him the classic vampire look. MDWFeatures / @jasonluiz9

“It brings me happiness knowing that I’ve been able to make this change and look how I’ve always wanted to look.

“I do get people staring at me in public but it doesn’t bother me any more because I’m used to the bemused looks people give me.

“When I was younger I was called a ‘demon’ and a ‘freakshow.’

Jason has recently tattooed his whole tongue black and says it was the most painful procedure yet. MDWFeatures / @jasonluiz9

“I just don’t bother with people who do not add positivity and happiness to my life.

“Luckily, my mum and brother are super supportive of me and have followed me through every change.

“I intend to make my ears look like elf ears, get some tattoos, some implants, and make further adjustments to my body in the future.”

Jason had his eyes tattooed jet black and his teeth modified to look like a vampire. MDWFeatures / @jasonluiz9

Jason warns that those wanting to follow in his footsteps should make sure they go to an experienced, professional body modification specialist and ensure they are fully committed as body modifications can be very hard, if not impossible to reverse once done.

“If you want to make changes to your body, look for a well qualified professional to carry out your modification,” Jason said.

“What seems cheap in the first place always ends up being expensive in the long run.”