Whether you are looking to travel to a new area, or, you are looking at relocating to a new area there are a whole host of State laws which you need to be aware of. Getting caught out can leave you with a heavy fine, possible imprisonment. Of course, some state laws are bizarre and a little bit strange, but it is still vital that you find out what specific state laws apply to the area you are traveling to, traveling through, or evening moving to. The more information and knowledge that you have in advance the easier and more enjoyable your trip and adventure will be.

Hawaiian Moped Laws

In Hawaii for example there are specific laws and areas of the law that apply to moped owners and users. For example, you do not need to have moped insurance for your moped as it is treated like a bicycle (if involved in an accident) but you do have to have the necessary license. Another of the specific laws regarding mopeds in Hawaii that relates to you when you are using a moped is that you are unable to carry a passenger unless you are driving a specifically designed 3 wheeled moped. Mopeds also carry additional rules, and one of these is that if you are from out of town, or you are visiting, you must have a driver’s license. As you can see you must exercise caution when riding or hiring a moped as there are lots of smaller, hidden laws that can trip you up.

Why do the States Have Different Laws

There are a lot of states that have different laws. Quite often a state law allows more civil rights to a person than federal law does. There are occasions that state law often prevails. In certain situations federal and state law may be in total conflict with each other over a certain issue, and on this occasion, you will always find that federal law is stronger. Here you can find a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer

Knowing the Specific State Laws

Of course, it would be difficult to know every state law out there, but, if you exercise caution and take a sensible approach you will be OK. Remember that what might be acceptable in one location, or state that does not mean that it is tolerated or accepted elsewhere. If for any reason you find yourself in doubt or asking questions, then you are better to not undertake the activity you were going to. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

What About Nevada?

Nevada can be a state that can win you a fortune, literally on the spin of a wheel, or the spin of a roulette machine, but it can also cost you a few dollars in fines if you are not careful. One strange but specific law that still applies today is the don’t swear on the Las Vegas strip law. It is outdated, and there may not have been many fines issued of late, but nevertheless, it is still a state law that must be adhered to whenever you visit or even pass through the state.

Clean Living in California

California has some very strict, and specific smoking laws which apply to the whole state. Smoking is not allowed in any indoor area and this also includes places of work and bars. Within this no-smoking / clean living bill, you should also note that e-cigarettes and vaping are not allowed either. Changing the subject slightly and hitting the roads, it is illegal for self-driven or completely automated cars to drive any faster than 60 miles per hour or just over 96 km per hour, so be aware if you own something like a Tesla.

What is Happening in Missouri?

Missouri is known to have strict and tough laws on possession and use of marijuana, and it is not a state that is afraid to give out jail time if you are caught using Marijuana, or if you have it in your possession. As well as tough laws on Marijuana, Missouri is also a state that is not so good to employees. For example, quite a lot of employees, either full time or part-time are not necessarily entitled to meal breaks and time off for vacations.

Some laws may seem bizarre and outdated, but it must be noted that they are the law, and if you choose not to follow or adhere to the law then you will be at risk of being punished quite severely, and having a criminal record as well, which is most definitely not something you want to have at any stage of your life.