Those who are willing to take up a career in the oil and gas industry should be aware of the associated risks and benefits beforehand. However, it’s never too late to get to know them, even if you are working in the sector already. You never know what you might be missing out on. It could be a health hazard warning or maybe even a pay boost!

Pro: You Get to Travel

If travelling while working is something that feels like a dream to you, then you will like working in this industry as you will be travelling a lot. Even if you are not on a maritime offshore drilling rig, a skilled and experienced oil refinery worker will often be circulated around the various sections of the globe that your company has their refineries in.

Con: It Can Get Depressing

Long drilling tours on the sea or spending months at a stretch in a foreign refinery without the presence of friends or family to reach can get quite depressing. Oil companies usually rotate their employees for this reason, but in between rotations, it can certainly feel gloomy at times.

In fact, there might even be a physical reason connected to the depression commonly seen in oil refinery workers, known as oxidative stress induced depression.

Pro: The Money is Really Good

Well, this is the main lure here, and the lure is a hefty one at that! The exact amount will vary depending on whether you are actually spending time off land, what your role is, where you are working, who your employer is, what experience you have under the belt, what your qualifications are and the risks associated with doing the job in question. Speaking of risks, that brings us to the main con.

Con: It Puts Your Health and Life at Risk

Fires, explosions, chemical inhalation, drilling/refining equipment related accidents, slip and falls and various other hazards are so common in the oil and gas industry that most of them do not even make it to the news – unless they are big enough to stir the media’s attention. This is, of course, the most serious disadvantage of them all, which is also the reason why it pays so well to work in oil refineries or on offshore rigs.

In case you are a surviving family member of someone who passed away in an oil refinery explosion or the injured party themselves, it is highly advised to not sign anything or take any money from the employer corporation without contacting a dedicated  plant explosion lawyer first. A simple, free consultation will let you know what kind of a financial compensation you are entitled to, which will likely be more than what the refinery may or may not be offering.

Some risks are worth taking if the reward is big enough, but it is known as a fool’s errand if you are not completely aware of and trained for the dangers that come with it. Get the necessary training, ask the experienced workers and managers about potential hazards that you should be aware of and never get complacent on the site.