FxPro is a forex and spread betting broker offered on forex-up.com. It aims to provide traders across the world with the access to the major markets like currencies, indices, commodities, and shares. If you are interested in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, FxPro can be one of the best options, offering cryptocurrency CFDs. The broker is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and CySEC. FxPro puts all customers’ finances in a segregated bank account and uses only tier-1 banks for this.

Before you take action, check this FxPro review. By learning the latest information about this Forex-up broker, you will automatically increase your chances of success.

Advantages of Trading with FxPro

  • Lots of currency pairs, shares, futures, crypto coins, and many other assets available to trade;
  • No dealer involvement in a trading process;
  • Tight spreads, high liquidity, no slippage on Instant Execution and Market Execution;
  • Metatrader4, MT5, and cTrader platforms offered by FXPro;
  • Availability of automated Expert Advisors and scalping approaches;
  • Trading platforms accommodating a host of environments, and providing mobile trading apps;
  • Accounts available in EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, PLN, and ZAR;
  • All customer deposits segregated in Tier-1 accounts with the most influential financial institutions;
  • Fast and convenient Deposit/Withdrawal methods such as payment cards, wire transfer, or other local payment methods;
  • Daily market commentary, network development, and technical support 24/7;
  • Customer service representatives speak more than 20 languages;
  • FxPro Educational section including such materials as webinars, training sessions, and cards-designed courses;
  • FxPro information blog involves authors’ analytics and technical analysis tips.

FxPro accounts

To open a live account on FxPro, you’ll need to invest at least $100. Alternatively, FXPro offers a demo account that you can use to practice your trading skills on their platform.

·         Account using MT4 software

To open this type of account, you will need to invest 100 USD or more. The spread in EUR/USD is probably the lowest spread among forex currency pairs as it is fluctuating at 1.58 pips. If you are new on the market of forex trading, the minimum deposit amount at FXPro can be too high.

·         Account using MT5 software

Opening an account through the MT5 software will require around 500 USD. Luckily, this amount is recommended rather than mandatory. If you don’t have that money or you don’t want to invest such a big amount into FxPro, feel free to deposit 100 USD or something. If you do not have any experience of using FXPro, you will be shocked to see the funds that FXPro earns. The benefit of using FX5’s MT5 compared to some other platforms is that this account type is updated with some new features of MT5. Also, this account is equipped with a wide range of trading products, similar to MT4. When you use MT5, the trading products are restricted, not as complete as MT4.

·         Account using Trader software

This is the most advanced application offered by FxPro. It provides many incentives for traders using this software, as you will receive a low spread fee in addition to a commission of only 4.5 USD per lot. Compared to many other exchanges, this commission fee is quite painless. In addition, you will enjoy a lot of good applications that MT4 and MT5 software are not equipped with. It will cover these features efficiently in the trading software. While Fxpro runs according to the time zone (GMT + 2), it will make it easier for traders to analyze the market more accurately than other brokers.

The Bottom Line

For a company that positions itself as the “No. 1 forex broker all over the globe”, FxPro does its best to live up to its name. The competitive no-commission trading operations along with low general fees make this company quite competitive with other top-notch forex brokers. This is especially the case when you are choosing the great trading platforms for a long-term use.

The company looks like it does want to invest in its educational resources, as you can go through high-quality training sessions from forex experts in an online format. The research, analysis, and selection of order types are also quite efficient, although they are well-above average. It will most likely suit investors who want to trade with this reward-winning broker.

At the same time, you should be careful when trading with FxPro, because the company seems to have used its financial resources and reputation to suppress criticism through unsavory means. Thus, it seems that FxPro doesn’t want to respond to accusations of misleading marketing activities. But these pitfalls are not something you should worry about. The main point is that you have real chances of hitting “jackpot.”