The holiday season is just around the corner, and the heart is yearning for an escape from the daily humdrum. We can’t stop fantasizing about backstrokes in the ocean and the flirtatious tropical breeze. Summer comes with the promise of vacations, and many of us wait all year, patiently biding our time with daydreams.

Travelers can finally rejoice and start planning their summer escapades with enthusiasm and determination. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to flood you with endless inspiration and help you find the perfect destination.

Does your heart crave rewarding rendezvous with rare wildlife species and underwater creatures? Or perhaps, you wish to lose yourself in verdant forests and lush meadows, surrounded by snow-laced peaks? Keep reading to explore picturesque destinations that answer your heart’s calling for the wilderness with their majestic beauty.

The Great Smoky Mountains

Tennesse is a land of incredible beauty and diversity, and the Great Smoky Mountains allow you to experience the true essence of this magnificent state. You may be missing out on one of the most diverse and rewarding experiences if you haven’t visited America’s famous national park yet.

The Great Smoky Mountains are home to a landscape of extraordinary beauty and diversity. There’s something to admire everywhere the eyes turn, from cascading waterfalls to scenic vistas and towering snow-covered peaks.

The south Appalachian sky will introduce you to the most stunning sunsets and sunrises, mesmerizing colors painting the sky. The name “Smoky” stems from the perpetual haze that dominates the romantic ambiance of the region. The region is home to over 800 nature trails laden with vibrant wildflowers, rare wildlife sightings, and abundant beauty.

Travelers must visit Clingman’s Dome, Cade’s Cove, and Pigeon Forge for rip-roaring adventures, like ziplining and cliff-diving. You can explore luxury hotels in Pigeon Forge TN, to situate yourself in the heart of the wilderness and scenic vistas. There’s nothing more rewarding than having close access to the breathtaking trails, campsites, and wildflower meadows.

Palawan, The Philippines

Are you yearning for a tropical paradise with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches? Look no further than Palawan, a lesser-known destination in the Philippines. It is tucked on the southwest coast towards Borneo and known for its magnificent limestone peaks and rejuvenating seascape. The water is so clear that one can spot the fishes and sea creatures from above!

Palawan offers the quintessential tropical-heaven experience with its palm-lined jungles and white sandy beaches. The exquisite coral reefs entice scuba diving enthusiasts with an impressive wealth of marine life and tropical fish. The diving experiences of Palawan stand unrivaled throughout the globe.

The jungle-dominated island opens up abundant nature trails filled with stunning emerald lakes and rare wildlife sightings. Serenity seekers flock to the old-world villages while jet-setters prefer the opulent resorts. Travelers mustn’t return without exploring the Bacuit archipelago and the Peurto Princessa Subterranean River National Park!

Corfu, Greece

Corfu is the most stunning Greek island to experience the breathtaking beauty of the Ionian coastline. The verdant forests, ancient ruins, rich historical heritage, and vibrant culture of Corfu make it the perfect summertime destination. It combines natural beauty with an endlessly fascinating history and a beautifully preserved culture.

Beach lovers have much to rejoice in the tranquility of the gleaming cobalt-toned waves and orangey coastline. Corfu is famous amongst travelers who prefer rural settings and quaint villages with scattered ruins over Santorini and mainstream islands. The quaint and sleepy villages will surprise you with their exotic blend of delicious delicacies and local flavors.

When in Corfu, one cannot help but venture off the beaten track while exploring stunning beaches and towering mountains. We strongly urge you to visit the picturesque expanse of Mount Pantokrator, the highest peak on the island. You can have an adventure of a lifetime by climbing up the 906-meters-tall mountain to skydive from the top. The plunge will leave you exhilarated for hours and transformed for life!

Grand Canyon, Arizona

One cannot talk about summertime destinations without admiring the beauty and diversity of the Grand Canyon. Arizona’s crown jewel is ready to welcome and entice visitors all year round with its spectacular seasonal transformations. Summer is the high tourist season, and there’s much to do.

Adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts can connect with like-minded athletes and thrill-seekers to embark on life-changing adventures. The region is trendy for nature explorations and rock climbing. If you wish to challenge your thresholds for adrenalin-pumping escapades, the Grand Canyon is hands-down the best destination.

The Grand Canyon Village is the perfect place to relax, but the energy of adventure is hard to ignore. You cannot just luxuriate in a resort or feast your eyes from afar, as the landscape will beckon you to explore it further. Luckily, the region is brimming with short hikes, rim trails, and nature walks that will reward you with scenic views.


It’s hard to pick a destination when you’re struggling to understand your travel cravings and desires. All travelers must find their adventures by looking within and allowing their hearts to inspire their journey. Traveling is a spiritual experience, regardless of whether our pursuits are focused on luxury or adventure.

All that matters is to choose a destination that aligns needs. Otherwise, you’ll end up returning with an unsatisfied longing for yet another adventure. Satiate your travel longings by answering the callings of your inner traveler with passion.