Choosing the best gift for your father can be challenging, no matter how well you think you know him! Flowers and chocolate most likely won’t do, you need to be creative and think YouTube the box when it comes to picking the perfect gift for your father! With that being said, depending on your budget and the time you want to put into it, here are some fun ideas you can consider for fathers day! 

Skip on regular cards

There is no Father’s day without a fathers day card right? But instead of getting him the basic ones from stores, it’s’ way better to make your own card for him! It’s best if you draw it yourself and handwrite him something special, but you can always play around in photoshop and print it out! It all depends on how much time you have to prepare it, but this probably won’t take a lot out of your day! So instead of getting him a regular fathers day card, make it funky and personal, he’ll surely cherish it more! 

Matching mug

You know how dads love morning coffee, and you know what that means…lots and lots of dad mugs! But all jokes aside, getting your dad a fun mug is the easiest gift idea you can go with, spend the least time and money planning it as well – you can go to the department store and just pick out the most ridiculous mug, and there you have it! But you can also take it one step ahead, and make custom mugs, even matching ones for you and him so you can drink coffee together! Take it one step further and make your own Starbucks drinks together with your new mugs! It’s not about how much money you spend on the gift, but how clever and thoughtful you are! 

A painting

Paintings and drawings are probably the most personalized gifts you can give to someone, and your dad would be totally blown away with them! If you want to gift your dad something funny and meaningful, you can redraw some of your drawings that you did as a child! This is definitely going to warm his heart, and he can even hang them up together and display how your artistic skills developed over the years! Obviously, you can be serious about it and actually draw him something nice, but it all depends on your taste and willingness to commit to the task!

A gift set

Fathers’ day is approaching fast and you are running out of time and ideas, but you don’t want to give your father just anything, or even worse, not give him a gift at all! So why not consider getting him a gift set of something he likes? There are a lot of sets that vary from food, alcohol, skincare, these options are endless, so why not take them to your advantage! This is a clever, easy, and quick way to get your dad something fun and make his father’s day special! 

Personalized watch

Regardless of what kind of style your dad is rocking, a classic watch is always a good pick! It might cost a pretty penny, but hea[ll have a beautiful watch for special occasions, and he’ll be reminded of you when he wears it! But on the other hand, if he regularly wears watches, and is more on the casual side, you can get him a personalized watch with a special message written on the inside! It can be anything, his favorite quote, your inside joke, or whatever you want! So not only will he be getting a great accessory as a gift, it will be a meaningful one at that! 


If you want to be a bit more practical with your gift-giving, you can always buy your dad a toolset! Even if he’s not really a handyman, getting him a brand new basic toolset is great, it’s always handy to have good tools around the house! There are so many sets to choose from, you can get him something a bit lowkey and on the smaller size, so he can carry them wherever he needs to! You can also add a few details, like engrave something special on the hammer or paint the box itself and make it a bit more personalized and creative if you want!

A nice wallet

Another gift that values functionality above all else, but a nice leather wallet can be a great accessory for your father. Let’s be real, when was the last time your dad changed his wallet? He’s probably using the same worn-out wall since you’ve been born! So why not give him a new, fresh wallet, it’s a timeless and practical gift, what more can you ask for? The more subtle the better, classic models like a good old black leather wallet do the trick perfectly! On top of that, you can also engrave something into it and make it custom, his initials or the family name is a great additional touch!

DIY gift

Regardless of how you stand with your artistic abilities, your father will always appreciate the effort to make a personalized gift for him! The magic of DIY gifts is the fact that they are unique, there is nothing like them – these types of gifts are the most cherished ones! It can be anything, you can be creative and use clay to make your dad a funky key bowl, or you can put together a scrapbook with some of your favorite pictures and memories! This is also on the cheaper side of things, but it does take time to think of a good idea and to actually make it come to life, so keep that in mind! 

Audiobook read by you

If you have enough time and determination to do this, it can be an extremely heartwarming gift for your father! You can record yourself reading your father’s favorite book! What’s more sincere than gifting your dad an audiobook read by you! Sure it’s a bit of work and effort, but the end result is priceless!  He can listen to your voice, always be reminded by you while enjoying his favorite story! 


At the end of the day, you shouldn’t really worry about getting your dad the right gift, he would probably appreciate anything that’s from you! Don’t stress and overthink things, just go with your guts and make it special however you feel like it! As long as it’s sincere, you’ve hit the jackpot, no need to spend hundreds of dollars on something extravagant if you can’t, so relax!