Everyone loves their loved ones, right? And it is the truth that your parents get aged while you grow up. Now, it is true that old age brings manifold illnesses that are pricy to treat. Many insurance companies offer different health insurance plans for senior citizens. These senior citizen insurance policies cover many types of medical expenses experienced by the policyholders.

A senior citizen health insurance policy offers different medical coverage to individuals above sixty years of age. Some of the distinct perks of senior citizen health insurance are cashless hospitalization, proper cover for pre-existing conditions, day-care expenses, no type of medical test required and even a higher sum insured is available.

You would agree that with increasing age comes the danger of contracting ailments and falling sick. Since the later years of the lives are physically more challenging and financially less sound, having a health insurance policy to take good care of medical emergency is a smart move. Health insurance policies for senior citizens offer manifold features such as critical illness cover, specific cover for ailments like stroke, cancer, and even so on. Here is why senior citizen health insurance is so important.

Amazing Features of Senior Citizen Health Insurance

In diverse unforeseen medical emergencies, a senior citizen health insurance policy is going to help you cope up with the situation. Here are a few critical features that explain why senior citizen health insurance is so important.

  • Folks above 60 years of age can easily get health insurance cover under senior citizen health insurance plans.
  • Most of the health policies do not require pre-medical screening.
  • Most of the senior citizen health insurance plans provide you with a free-look period of 15 days to review the overall policy terms.
  • Policyholders can easily avail free medical check-up on a yearly basis.
  • Most of the senior citizen health insurance plans cover pre-existing diseases.

Benefits of Senior Citizen Health Insurance you should know

After knowing these features of health insurance for senior citizens, it is time to walk through some benefits.

  • A smooth, easy and hassle-free claim settlement process
  • Cashless hospitalization facility is available when you (the policyholder) is admitted for more than twenty-four hours
  • Encompasses coverage for doctor’s fees, room charges, medical bills, in-patient hospitalization expenses and so on.
  • The insurance policy covers pre and post hospitalization expenses
  • Most of the insurance plans offer lifelong renewal option
  • Emergency ambulance costs are covered
  • Pre-existing ailments are covered conditional on terms mentioned in the specific policy document.

How can you Select the Best Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy?

Remember that buying a health insurance policy for senior citizens must be carefully done as you would wish them to give maximum coverage possible for their enhanced level of healthcare requirements. Keep the below given points in mind when selecting a health insurance policy for senior citizens.

Know the medical history

When buying a health plan for your senior citizen parents or that that of grandparents, it is crucial to know their medical history. However, it is possible that they are also unaware of prevailing medical conditions that they suffer from. In such instances, you should not depend solely on their knowledge of their health. It is always recommended to cross-verify their medical history before providing any medical details to the insurance company.

Compare and select an insurance plan

Today, several health insurance companies offer manifold health insurance plans, specially designed for senior citizens. It is better to check some top health insurance plans and then simply compare them side by side before making a final decision. Such a comparison can be made on aspects such as price, inclusions, coverage, exclusions, waiting period and even riders. Once you do the comparison, you would get to know about the different policies and where they stand.

Give correct details

When buying senior citizen health insurance policy, fill in the relevant and correct information. Incorrect information may cause a problem, and your policy application and claim could get rejected. So, you need to be really careful when filling the information for the policy.

A medical check-up

The policyholder might have to undergo a pre-medical test after depositing the proposal form. The insurance company is then going to verify the information provided in the policy application form and even the medical condition of the candidate. Depending on the health of the applicant, a couple of medical tests may be conducted by the doctors. These tests could encompass urinal test, sugar, blood test, kidney and liver function, and so on. It is crucial to note that not all insurance companies demand a pre-medical screening of applicants.


To sum up, you must look for a senior citizen Care Health Insurance for your parents and grandparents if you want to ensure best health treatment for them in a time of need. A single insurance policy is going to work wonderfully for them. Moreover, you can also be at peace that your beloved parents are financially secured in the times of medical emergencies.