Do you wish to gain more followers on your brand’s Instagram account?


It’s great that you are thinking of growing your follower list organically!


Now, there are several ways of doing it, but the best one is to win over your competitor’s audience.

Yes, we are serious here!


To win over your competitor’s followers on Instagram, you first need to find out all those people who are following them. Then if you can see someone’s likes on Instagram in 2020, you can understand their preferences and reach out to them appropriately.

Remember, those who follow your competitor brands are interested in their content, so they would be interested in something similar too, like your brand. So your aim will be to convert your competitors’ followers into your audience as well!


Want to know how you can win over your competitors’ followers on Instagram? Then keep reading.


Who are your competitor’s followers – identify those relevant


You can start with your local competitors. Make a list of your local competitors’ Instagram accounts from whom you can find potential followers.

When you have sorted out your local competitors, you can think about going global. But for this, searching by general hashtags and looking out for the top posts will not be enough. You can use hashtag generating tools to find out niche hashtags for your search. Use these as these are very effective for online marketers.


You need to sort out your target audience


There are various factors that you will need to keep in mind to segregate your target audiences. You will need to look at their Instagram activities to understand if they will follow you eventually.


  • Look at the frequency of their posts. The more they post regularly, the better is the scope that you have.
  • Look at their number of posts. If it is less than a hundred, then they are either new to the platform or they do not use it much.
  • Make a note of how long they have been on Instagram. Scroll down their profile and see when they first posted.
  • See if they use hashtags or not. If they do not, then they will not be useful for you.
  • See what their follower to following ratio is. If they have lots of followers with less following, chances are that they will not follow you back. Target the audiences who have 1:1 follower to following ratio.


Engage with your followers – how do you increase engagement


Now that you have sorted down your target audience, it is time for you to engage with them. There are several ways of engaging with your audience, like asking them relevant and in-depth questions about their experiences, or leave a compliment on some of their posts, and ‘like’ their posts.


The aim of engaging with your audience is to keep them glued to your brand so that they know that they are important to you. The better and deeper you engage, the better it is for your business.