By Mark McConville


WATCH as a three-year-old elephant is eventually rescued from a water tank after it fell in drying to take a drink.


The heart-warming video footage shows locals crowd around the water tank as the elephant desperately tries to pull itself out using its trunk.

Trying to ull himself out by the drunk.
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After a two-hour long operation the elephant was rescued from the tank after villagers and the forest department used a JCB vehicle.


The incident took place in Dwar Bharat Bhutan Tea garden in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, India.

Sticks his trunk out of the water.
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According to forest department officials, Bharat Bhutan Tea garden tea estate area is infamous for frequent elephant raids.


In this incident a herd of elephants were returning back to their home, Jaldapara National Park, when they stopped over at the tank to get a drink of water.

Forest department arrvies with a JCB.
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While the elder ones managed to quench their thrust easily, the smallest member of the group was having a tough time. So the three-year-old male elephant decided to climb atop the walls of the tank to drink water.


But he couldn’t maintain his balance and fell into the water. Since it was still dark, the other herd members didn’t notice the little one had fallen.

They help the elephant escape.
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When the day broke and the workers at the tea garden started trickling in, the elephants who were looking for the little one hurriedly hid themselves behind the thick green cover and kept a watch on the tank from where the cries of the baby elephant was coming.


The villagers immediately informed the forest officials, but also tried to rescue the elephant on their own.

Back on solid ground.
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According to forest officials, the baby elephant was released back into the wild and reunited with the herd where his mother and other herd member were waiting to him.

He runs off to join his herd.
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