By Alyce Collins


THIS STUNNING woman cleansed her entire house of toxins and chemicals in an attempt to cure her sudden symptoms of HAIR LOSS and BLURRED VISION that doctors were unable to explain only to find that the problems were caused by her breast implants that were poisoning her FROM THE INSIDE.


Founder of ‘Size: Happy,’ Christina Roulund (35) from Palm City, USA, is educating women about the dangers of breast implants after her D cup implants had her fearing she was dying from a mysterious illness.

Christina and her husband, as she proudly flaunts her A cup breasts.
MDWfeatures / Christina Roulund


Back in November 2006, Christina underwent a breast augmentation at the age of 23 to go from an A cup to a D cup, because she hoped implants would make her feel like more of a woman.


For many years, Christina embraced her fuller chest and relished her decision to go under the knife as she loved feeling like she had more of a feminine figure.

Christina loves her A cup breasts now after removing her toxic implants.
MDWfeatures / Christina Roulund


Five years after getting the implants, Christina welcomed her son in 2011 and she began noticing strange symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue and a lack of motivation. As a new mum, Christina put this down to being a stay at home mum.


In November 2014 Christina found a lymph node in her right armpit which became swollen and tender to touch. Doctors disregarded the lump as nothing, but Christina’s mental health started to decline as she experienced anxiety and depression.

Christina as a child and now, as she finally feels happy and confident in her body.
MDWfeatures / Christina Roul


Christina began losing her hair, developing rashes and seeing spots in her vision but her repeated trips to the doctors didn’t conclude any answers. Christina feared she may be terminally ill or sectioned as she had no explanation for the growing list of symptoms she was experiencing.


Despite cleansing her household of toxic cleaning products, stripping out toxic products from her cosmetics and eating healthily, Christina was shocked to learn the toxins which were making her ill were in her breast implants, as her body tried to fight against them.

Christina in April 2018, just a few months before undergoing her breast explant.
MDWfeatures / Christina Roulund


“I had my implants put in in November 2006 when I was 23,” said Christina.


“Before getting implants I was a confident, energetic and happy person, but I found myself constantly comparing my looks and my body to other people. I didn’t hate my body, but I didn’t embrace it the way it was.

Her toxic implants made Christina’s hair thin and fall out.
MDWfeatures / Christina Roulund


“I wanted them because I wanted to feel ‘more like a woman’ and I thought they would complete me. They did anything but.


“I was an A cup and I only wanted to go up to a C cup, but somehow I ended up with larger implants and became a D cup.

Christina has founded her organisation ‘Size: Happy’ to encourage more women to embrace their natural breast size.
MDWfeatures / Christina Roulund


“I felt great though and I had no complications. I could wear cute tops and bras and I didn’t feel like a little girl. Both physically and mentally I felt really good and I was happy with my decision.


“I didn’t get any reactions immediately after I got my implants put in. It wasn’t until 2011 when I had my son that my fatigue and brain fog became debilitating at times and it never went away.

Christina in 2008 at the age of 25, two years after getting implants.
MDWfeatures / Christina Roulund


“When I started to notice symptoms, I just chalked it up to being a new mum and a bored housewife. It started out with brain fog and fatigue to the point where I was always bored, unmotivated and lazy.


“Then in November 2014 I had a lymph node in my right armpit which got tender and swollen. This was the first real alarming indicator that something was going on inside of my body.

Christina tried to be as healthy as possible and to rid her lifestyle of toxins, but she didn’t realise that the most harmful toxins were actually in her body.
MDWfeatures / Christina Roulund


“Lymph nodes don’t respond to nothing, they respond to toxins, bacteria, viruses, cancer cells and so on.


“Things started to really boil over in January 2015 because on top of the chronic fatigue, brain fog and tender lymph node, I was now experiencing severe anxiety, hair loss and my eyes were becoming blurry with floaters.

Christina in August 2018 afte explanting her breast implants.
MDWfeatures / Christina Roulund


“As the years went on nothing got better and more symptoms kept arising. Then in early 2017 my hip pain started, and I would wake up every single morning feeling stiff. It would take 30 minutes to get any relief and to walk somewhat normally.


“Around this time is also when I started to gasp for breath and experience shortness of breath.

Christina developed odd rashes around her lymph node and her armpit.
MDWfeatures / Christina Roulund


“The hardest part in all of this was going to the doctors and specialists, feeling like I was mentally and physically falling apart, with no real answers as to why.


“All of my lab reports were coming back as normal, so I literally thought I was dying. I felt hopeless, lost, afraid and uncertain about my future.”

Christina showed doctors her rashes but they didn’t think it was related to her harmful implants.
MDWfeatures / Christina Roulund


When Christina watched a report about breast implant illness on the local news, it highlighted the dangers of placing foreign implants into the body, something she had never considered a factor before.


“I knew I wanted to remove my implants the day I saw on the local news a segment about something called ‘breast implant illness’,” said Christina.

Christina’s implants were causing her to develop fatigue, brain fog, rashes and hip pain.
MDWfeatures / Christina Roulund


“I was completely and utterly flabbergasted that I had never put two and two together before and that the reason I was falling apart was because of my supposedly safe implants.


“There I was, a health and fitness coach, doing everything right, eating alkaline, nutritious food, exercising, removing toxins from my household cleaners and cosmetics, yet the toxins that I needed to remove were inside of me all along.

Christina hopes to educate more women on the dangers of breast implants.
MDWfeatures / Christina Roulund


“It wasn’t a difficult decision to remove my implants because I am one to always put my health before my looks.


“If I’d known that my breast implants could cause me so much physical and mental pain, I never would have done this.


“I explanted on August 2, 2018 in Florida, USA. I was so fearful that I would die or end up in a mental institute. I had so many unexplainable things going on with my body, something a young healthy person shouldn’t be dealing with.


“Now, I feel so proud of myself because what I chose to do is no light matter. Surgeries are serious and it’s mentally challenging to go back to a smaller breast size. I feel way more confident and genuinely happy with the body I have now. I’m proud to be an A cup after my explant.

Christina admits that in April 2018 when this image was taken, she was ready for bed and felt under the weather, yet it was only 6pm.
MDWfeatures / Christina Roulund


“If you’re ill with unexplainable symptoms, and you have breast implants, please consider getting them removed.


“Both saline and silicone implants have more than 40 different toxins in them. Breast implants are two huge, foreign, toxic objects inside of your body, right above your heart and lungs.


“From day one they send your immune system into overdrive because they’re foreign invaders. If you say you truly care about your health, getting your implants removed is how you’ll get them back.


“I will never stop sharing my story, knowing that I’ve talked over a dozen women out of getting implants and shown thousands more the answer they’ve been searching for as to why their health is falling apart.”

Christina holds up the implants which were poisoning her body for years.
MDWfeatures / Christina Roulund


You can follow Christina’s Instagram page @sizehappy_withchristina.