Daniel, Diane and Cynnamon. MDWfeatures / Cynnamon Hogue

By Rebecca Drew


THIS COUPLE invited another woman to join their relationship after falling for her after she WAITED ON THEIR TABLE whilst they were on a dinner date and the three have been inseparable ever since.


Registered nurse, Diane Leck (54) and stay at home grandpa, Daniel Mallett (38) from Saint Louis, Missouri, USA, had been together for seven years when they first met customer service representative, Cynnamon Hogue (25) around 18-months ago whilst she was waitressing in a restaurant they were eating at.

Cynnamon, Daniel and Diane.
MDWfeatures / Cynnamon Hogue


Feeling an instant spark after their interactions, Diane left a note and her number for Cynnamon to get in touch. The next day Cynnamon text Diane and the three of them decided to go shopping on their first date. Six months later, Cynnamon moved in with Diane and Daniel and they exchanged rings with one another as a symbol of their three-way devotion and equal footing in the relationship.


Diane and Daniel had been in a triad relationship with another woman before but this is Cynnamon’s first romantic relationship of this kind. They have been a triad for a year and three months now and for Diane and Daniel, the addition of Cynnamon has completed their relationship and family home.

Cynnamon, Diane and Daniel.
MDWfeatures / Cynnamon Hogue


“We were seated in Cynnamon’s section at the restaurant, and at first meeting there was just this ‘spark’ and we sat and talked about how this lady waiting on us is kind of awesome,” said Diane.


“We both thought that maybe we should leave a note I don’t know about elsewhere in the world, but here in the USA, leaving a note for a server is generally seen as both tacky, creepy, and kind of rude.

Daniel, Cynnamon and Diane.
MDWfeatures / Cynnamon Hogue


“We had never committed such a faux pas before but we decided nothing ventured, nothing gained, and so I left my number and invited Cynnamon to text sometime if she wanted.


“The next day when Cynnamon did text, we were beside ourselves with excitement and we went on a date to a mall, and we’ve been together ever since. About six months later Cynnamon moved in with us.

Diane, Cynnamon and Daniel.
MDWfeatures / Cynnamon Hogue


“At that time, matching rings were bought and given to each other, to show commitment to one another, and making a household that feels complete now.”


Diane, Daniel and Cynnamon are in a closed triad and are not looking to add anyone else to it. Each member of the relationship says that the most important thing about being in a three-way relationship is that they get to love and support each other through every up and down.

Who said three’s a crowd?
MDWfeatures / Cynnamon Hogue


“To me it means being able to love both my partners, and being in a healthy, stable relationship with two wonderful people,” said Cynnamon.


“I’m able to love without judgment and cuddles are great.


“I really liked them from the get-go, and was smitten, but my nervousness was there in ways that I would really hope that they liked me, and I was in lust and it just kind of turned into love from there.

The throuple love to go out as a threesome.
MDWfeatures / Cynnamon Hogue

“There wasn’t an exact day that I said, ‘wow I love them’ to myself. It just happened and I’m happy with my partners. I feel we took our time and didn’t rush, but we didn’t take it at a super slow pace either, we knew what we felt and it was that.


“We work like any other healthy relationship. We have ups and downs, but we each have our own strengths and weaknesses.

Cynnamon, Diane and Daniel.
MDWfeatures / Cynnamon Hogue


“We just do our best to have open communication and try to keep building one another up.”


The three have all struggled with jealousy at times but have learnt to work through these feelings together.


“I get jealous when they talk about their life before me, and all these amazing experiences they had without me. I want to be sure I’m bringing goodness into their life too,” continued Cynnamon.

Diane, Cynnamon and Daniel have been a triad for over a year.
MDWfeatures / Cynnamon Hogue


“As far as disagreements, Daniel and I know how to push one another’s hot buttons, and sometimes we just got to give one another space for a bit then we can come talk it out calmer. Diane and I rarely get into it, she’s our Switzerland.”


Daniel continued: “I don’t get jealous of them, though sometimes I’m sad when they are off doing something and I’m on grandpa duty, and even then, it’s just because I love and miss them.


“Disagreements happen now and then. Mostly it’s just frustrating, sometimes we get a little heated, and have to just take a break and come back to it later. But we never stop loving.”

Daniel, Diane and Cynnamon.
MDWfeatures / Cynnamon Hogue


Diane added: “I don’t ever really have jealousy towards Cynnamon, just when they get to do things together when I’m working, it really sucks.


“As for disagreements, we sit down and figure it out and be careful about what we say when were mad, because once you say something, it can’t be un-said.”


The future looks bright for the three and they would all like to start a self-sufficient homestead with other likeminded polyamorous people where they can share resources but not partners.


“I would like to start a homestead with other poly people where we could share resources, and each have our own households, but work towards common goals together,” said Diane.

Daniel, Diane and Cynnamon.
MDWfeatures / Cynnamon Hogue


“I try to live my life with as few regrets as possible.


“None of us are promised tomorrow, Love who you love, don’t get stuck on colour, gender or creed, or you may miss out on much love.”

The three have been together for over a year.
MDWfeatures / Cynnamon Hogue


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