By Shannine O’Neill


THIS ONLYFANS model contracted ringworm from an unsanitary sunbed that has left her with bald patches and scars.


Onlyfans model Ava Louise (24) from New Jersey, USA contracted ringworm while using a sunbed at a professional salon, leaving her mentally and physically scarred.


In April 2023, Ava visited the Planet Sun Salon in Hoboken, New Jersey to get her regular round of 12-minutes on the sunbed.

The rash started under Ava’s boob.

Ava had been visiting the sunbeds every day to get beach-ready for summer, and so expected nothing different from this visit.


While using the sunbed, Ava decided to flip around this time to get a more even tan, when she noticed that she had a small rash under her right boob.


Ava initially thought nothing of it and assumed she had a heat rash from using the sunbeds so often.


But when Ava noticed the rash had started to spread rapidly over the next couple of days, she eventually went to the doctor.


Ava was shocked to find out she had ringworm, which she had contracted from a sunbed that was more-than-likely not sanitised effectively, or at all.


The ringworm left Ava with scars all over her body and bald patches on her head that she is scared she will never grow back again.

The rash quickly spread to her scalp after her medication didn’t work.

Ava brought this to the attention of the salon staff, but they only offered an apology and assured Ava that it wouldn’t happen again.


Ava didn’t feel as though the apology was enough from the salon staff as she was left with physical scars and hair loss, as well as psychological trauma from the event.


During this time, Ava’s cat also contracted ringworm from her as she was unaware that she had it at the beginning, which brought a lot of stress and vet bills to her household.


As well as the physical side-effects of ringworm, Ava has also lost income due to this experience, as she was unable to post on her OnlyFans site due to the ringworm rash and scars being all over her body, including intimate places.


“I didn’t realise I had ringworm at first because I had never heard of it,” she said.


“I thought it was a heat rash but after going to the hospital they diagnosed me with ringworm.


“I had rashes all over my body in the shape of rings, they started to pus and we’re very uncomfortable.


“I went to the doctors a week or so after my symptoms started.”

Ava got rashes all over her body.

Ava was prescribed medication and ointment to try and calm her symptoms and rid her of ringworm.


“The first doctor prescribed me a cream to clear up the infection but it didn’t not work,” she said.


“The ringworm eventually spread to my scalp causing a bald spot.


“That made me go to another doctor who told me the first was negligent prescribing me cream as my infection was so widespread I needed an oral medication.


“I felt awful about this and I’m devastated by the hair loss caused by the ring worm and I’m scared it’ll never grow back.”


Ava had been visiting the same salon for two-years without any incident.


“I had been tanning daily to get ready for summer,” she said.


“One day I decided to flip over to tan my butt more evenly, that is when I returned home and found a small rash under my right boob.


“I didn’t think anything of it and continued to tan.

The rash started to quickly spread.

“I was in the hotbeds daily sweating and the rash spread rapidly all over my body within a few days.”


Although Ava brought the sanitary issue to the salon staff, they brushed it off with an apology and assured her there wouldn’t be another issue with it, but offered no compensation.


“This happened because of how hot sunbeds get, people sweat in them and it’s a good environment for ringworm to live in,” she said.


“This is a sanitary issue, either they didn’t sanitise the bed at all or they didn’t do it properly.


“The salon just apologised and said they’d try to avoid it in the future, which to me wasn’t the best resolution.


“ I used this place for two years before catching ringworm.”


Ava has been left devastated by the traumatic event, and has been mentally and physically affected.


“I now have a bald spot and scars on my body from the ringworm,” she said.


“My cat also contracted the ringworm from me which caused a lot of distress in my household.


“I felt awful about this and I’m devastated by the hair loss caused by the ring worm and I’m scared it’ll never grow back.


“I’m very traumatised from this incident so not often and I’ve moved to stand up beds.


“The worst part about this was how it affected my career as I lost money on onlyfans because I haven’t been able to post sexy content online like usual because the ring worm was on very intimate parts of my body.”