By Mark McConville


A SERIES of stunning action shots has captured the world’s most iconic toys like you’ve never seen them before, as they interact with the real world.

Ant-Man in bowl of cereal: “I HATE when ants get into my breakfast!!”
Mitchel Wu Toy Photography /


Mimicking a scene from the Rocky movies a tiny figurine of the boxer pounds into some hanging hot dogs, Darth Vader pushes a Stormtrooper on a swing and Woody slides down a banister as Buzz Lightyear looks on.

Rafiki offering baby Simba to Rancor: The Offering – From Future King to Future Snack.
Mitchel Wu Toy Photography /


Other incredible images show Kermit the frog using an outhouse, The Lion King’s Simba being offered up a sacrifice and Antman trying to escape from a bowl of Cheerios.

Cookie Monster spilled milk: “Cookie Monster say that way cookie crumble… no use cry over spill milk!”
Mitchel Wu Toy Photography /


The amusing photographs were taken by professional toy photographer Mitchel Wu, from Los Angeles, USA.

Rocky punching hotdogs: The lesser known meat locker scene from Rocky.
Mitchel Wu Toy Photography /


“You see a compelling story told in a single image, and motion and emotion where none exists,” he said.

Rex and T-Rex mirror reflection: Find Your Inner Strength!
Mitchel Wu Toy Photography /


“I love portraying characters in unexpected ways that challenge one’s preconceptions of what they believe that character to be.

Woody and Jessie juggling lit matches: Playing with Matches. Mitchel Wu Toy Photography /


“Expect the unexpected – from life and from people. I really just want to express myself creatively using characters many of us grew up with and enjoy, and maybe present them in some surprising new ways.

Dr. Finkelstein sitting in barrel of water with brain: Brain Washing. Mitchel Wu Toy Photography /


“Darth Vader pushing a giddy stormtrooper on a swing? Rafiki offering up forlorn baby Simba to a hungry, drooling rancor as a snack?  These kinds of images playfully challenge one’s preconceptions of those characters and can elicit unexpected emotions and reactions from viewers.”

Stormtroopers frying pan: “Order 66 UP!!” (you diehard Star Wars fans will get this). Mitchel Wu Toy Photography /


Mitchel runs his own company, Mitchel Wu Toy Photography, and has previously worked as a successful wedding and portrait photographer as well as a six-year stint at Walt Disney Company.

Darth Vader pushing stormtrooper on swing: “Higher, higher!!”
Mitchel Wu Toy Photography /


He explained why he made the jump to toy photography and how he manages to produce these surreal images.

Kermit and Robin in glass of water: And this, people, is how you end up with a frog in your throat!
Mitchel Wu Toy Photography /


“I love the potential to tell amazing stories and create really fun images, images that surprise and evoke an emotional response from viewers,” he said.

Kermit in Outhouse: “Move along, nothing to see here!”
Mitchel Wu Toy Photography /


“Honestly, your only limit is your imagination.  I have a degree in illustration and the parallels between it and toy photography is pretty astounding.  In fact, my toy photography career feels exactly like the illustration career I always thought I’d have.

Scooby Doo chased by T-Rex: “Ruh Roh!”
Mitchel Wu Toy Photography /


“Every shoot is different, and every shoot involves a degree of problem solving.  Sometimes a little, sometimes a whole heck of a lot.


“That’s part of what makes toy photography so interesting. Sometimes challenges are environmental – like shooting outdoors in a heavy wind that keeps knocking down figures.

Woody sliding down stair bannister: When Andy’s Away the Toys Will Play!!
Mitchel Wu Toy Photography /

“Other times they are purely technical challenges, like how to support seven lit matches in the air as if Woody and Jessie are juggling them (keeping in mind that those seven matches were photographed on fire and smoking real time in the scene).  It’s those kinds of problems, and everything in between.”


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