By Aimee Braniff Cree


MEET THE BRITISH woman branded a gold digger by vicious trolls after she married a millionaire she met in Dubai.

Housewife and business owner Soudi Al Nadak (26) from Sussex, England, met her businessman husband Jamal Al Nadak (32) while they were both studying at university in Dubai.

The pair had mutual friends and often would bump into each other at parties; Jamal asked Soudi out three times before she finally gave him a chance.

The couple have been together for seven years and married for the last three.

Soudi was often asked about being in a relationship with someone of a different culture and religion so she decided to make a TikTok to show off their unique marriage.

The TikTok has garnered mass attention and Soudi now has 1.1 million followers.

While a lot of people love her content, some accuse Soudi of being a gold digger and leave abusive comments.

She has joked the best way to deal with the hate is to shop at Dior to feel better.

The couple’s marriage includes rules like having no friends of the opposite sex, knowing each other’s passwords, and always having their location available to each other.

People do not understand their relationship but Soudi said it works for them and they are deeply in love.

“Jamal and I met at university whilst in Dubai. We studied in different universities but there was an instant connection,” said Soudi.

“We had a lot of mutual friends and we always met at celebrity events so Jamal would always ask me out and I eventually gave him a chance.

“On our first date he spoiled me completely, took me to the best restaurant in Dubai, picked me up in his luxury car and even after the date he would call me all the time and we couldn’t stop talking.

“A few months later we planned different trips together and flew around the world. Then we decided to get married.

“We got married three years ago and we have been together for seven years.”

As is to be expected their wedding was a grand event.

“We did three separate nights in Dubai which is traditionally Emirati,” she said.

“We did our henna night which was themed as Omani, and we did our main night at the Versace hotel.

“All the stage designs were designed by me. Even though it was during COVID we still had 1,000 people come every night.

“All of the events are ladies-only which is traditional in Jamal’s culture.

“Then we had another wedding in a country manor home in the UK for my family.”

Soudi began sharing their marriage on TikTok to help people understand how an inter-cultural marriage works.

“I always used to get so many questions on what it’s like to marry or date a millionaire from a different culture and religion so I thought it would just be easier to talk about it online,” said Soudi.

“People always make a lot of assumptions so I like to set the story straight.

“I always enjoy taking my followers along on shopping trips or food reviews and holidays.

“It makes me feel so connected with the world.

“Jamal and I don’t keep things from each other, we have open communication, we have each other’s passwords.

“We always keep our locations on whenever we are apart so we know where we are.

“We don’t have friends from the opposite sex.

“I always dress modestly and I always make sure everything is perfect like my hair, nails and makeup.

“I am always careful of what I share on social media to respect Jamal and his family as they have a closed community.”

While some women admire her lifestyle, others call her a gold digger despite the fact Soudi came from a wealthy family herself and was used to her creature comforts.

“I always get support from other women who are happy for me and love my lifestyle,” she said.

“I always get people commenting and saying that they are living through me with my shopping and travel trips.

“I also get a lot of support from other women, especially in Dubai, because they love seeing what I buy and where I go to eat and shop.

“I think I receive a lot of hate from people just because they are jealous or they don’t understand my relationship and the content I make.

“I guess by putting your life on social media people will always comment.

“I would be lying if I said it was easy every day as I get a lot of horrible comments on a daily basis so I just take myself to Dior to feel better.

“Jamal always tells me to be true to myself and to not read the hate.

“People always assume I am the gold digger and Jamal is using me for my body.

“But that’s not the case, we truly love eachother but he can’t help that he’s a millionaire and I love to shop.

“I was always used to a certain lifestyle coming from old money and Jamal was able to provide me with that.

“We are just out here living our best lives.”