By Shannine O’Neill


FOOTAGE shows how this employee was CRUSHED by a 750-pound sea lion that escaped from its enclosure in a marine amusement park.

Influencer Micah Diaz (20) from Clearwater, Florida, USA visited the Marineland in Mallorca, where he witnessed a sea lion escape its enclosure and drop onto an employee with its full weight.

The employee pet the sea lion after to show they were still friends.

Marineland in Mallorca is a popular marine amusement park that also holds dolphin and sea lion shows.

As an avid surfer, Micah has always felt very comfortable around sea creatures and water, and so wanted to experience some up-close action of sea lions and dolphins while visiting Marineland in Mallorca with his family.

While sitting on one of the audience pews in-between shows, Micah looked up to realise that a sea lion was attempting to escape the pool in front of him.

An employee came over to try and push the sea lion back into the water, but it was too late and the sea lion had already made it over the clear glass wall surrounding the pool.

Before Micah had even registered what had happened, the sea lion had flopped all its 750-pounds weight on top of the female employee.

The sea lion was able to get over the glass fencing.

Micah was astonished at what he had seen, immediately getting up to check if the employee and the sea lion were hurt in any way.

“I was on a family vacation to Marineland in Mallorca,” he said.

“I am a surfer and very comfortable around marine animals and have been to many aquariums.

“I have never seen an accident like this.

“I immediately was in shock and thought the woman broke something.”

Thankfully, the employee was able to wrangle from under the sea lion and escape seemingly unharmed after the sea lion and employee were taken to be checked over by medical professionals.

The moment the sea lion and employee crashed to the ground.

“The sea lion was then taken away,” he said.

“I’m assuming to be checked out for injuries or put back in the tank.

“This does not happen often.

 “It seemed as if the sea lion got a little excited.

“But thankfully both were ok.”

By the end of the ordeal, the employee had gotten up and pet the sea lion as a gesture that both were unharmed and still friends.