By Shannine O’Neill


THIS MUM from Norfolk has added an incredible £75K value to her home by spending just £11K, all the while taking care of her disabled daughter.

Mum-of-two Madison Grantham (31) who is a full-time carer to her disabled daughter spent the last year renovating the semi-detached home that they rent from her father so that she and her family can create their dream home.

Madison’s father bought the home for around £75K but it is now estimated to be valued at £150K after Madison’s renovations.

Madison spent just about £11K to renovate her five room house in Norfolk, UK.

There is a lot of colour throughout the home.

She did this while taking care of her disabled daughter Maya (7) who is autistic.

Madison moved into her rented home and knew she had to make changes to make the home a dream abode for her family.

One of the main changes Madison made to the home was adding as much colour as possible to the beige tones of the home.

Madison also made a lot of sensory additions to the home for Maya’s benefit, which has made the renovation a lot more enjoyable for Maya.

“We were bored of the plain magnolia walls,” she said.

“So we wanted bright bold decor which we feel is more interesting.

“I added a lot of lights because Maya loves lights.

“I also added sensory items to help her regulate such as a sensory swing, music box, wall padding, mirrors and fidget toys.”

Madison’s husband Workshop Manager John and their two daughters Maya (7) and Luna (5) were happy to be a part of her DIY home reno project.

But having a disabled daughter and young children didn’t make it any easier for her.

“It’s been difficult to find the time around the children and of course the money to pay for each job, ” said Madison.

““It was very difficult at the beginning before my youngest started school.

The kitchen needed a complete re-doing.

“They were both at home with me 24/7 whilst I was stripping the walls they were running around.

“We also had an incident where they got into a paint pot.”

Madison’s two young daughters got into a large paint pot while Madison was renovating one day and spilled the contents out onto the wooden floor.

Both young girls happily swam in the white paint on the floor, but to Madison’s horror she could not get the paint off her daughters easily as they did not have any hot water running in the home at that time.

“The girls got into a big paint pot and basically swam around in it on the floor,” she said.

“We had no hot water at this point so I had to give them a cold shower.

“Wet wipes were not cutting it and it wasn’t fun but we can laugh about it now.”

Even though there were struggles, Madison doesn’t regret starting her renovation project at all as she is overwhelmingly happy with how her home has turned out.

“I think it would do it all again,” she said.

One of the daughter’s bedrooms now.

“The end result is always worth it.

“The bathroom is my favourite renovation.

“It’s such a calming atmosphere and I love being in there now.”

Family and friends have found the transformation sensational within the home, with people specifically commenting on Maya’s room and the sensory additions Madison has made for her daughter.

Madison hopes that one day she will be able to purchase the home from her father so that they can own their dream home.

Price Breakdown:

Both Bedrooms:

£400 total.


£1550 total.

Living Area:

£6360 total.


£2750 total.

TOTAL: £11,000