More than a billion people are using Instagram every month. It provides a platform for business owners so that they can interact with potential customers.

Just posting pictures on Instagram, the 6th most-visited website, will not be enough for your business to reach an audience. There are other businessmen on Instagram who are also trying to promote their brand.

Therefore, it is essential to make a different impression so that people can recognize you well. This article will give you few tips for promoting your business on Instagram:

1. Follow Other Brands and Influencers

Publishing content in social media will not get you very far. Instead, understand what other people are doing.  As per data, about 85% people follow other brands and influencers to get ideas.

 2. Make Use of Testimonials

Testimonials give enough information about a certain product and service. Customers provide genuine information about the product, and they are not like paid reviews. Your customer will tell nice things about your company if they have used the products of your company. A buyer does not know the details of the person who is writing the testimonials. But a concerned consumer will go through the testimonials and will alert others.

When you post customer reviews on Instagram, you show existing and new potential customers that you are making changes in your product and are concerned about customer satisfaction. Posting testimonials help your company to stand apart from the rest.

3. Use Hashtag Smartly

One of the easiest and fastest ways to influence Instagram followers is to organize Instagram hashtags contests. Research said that an Instagram post comes with nearly 10.7 hashtags.

To drive Instagram followers, you can use incentives as a bet for following your Instagram page. You can also request your audience to post photos with hashtags. Later, all the photos with hashtags are shared on the contest page.

People who have submitted photos on the content page can influence others to vote for them. The contestant who receives the maximum amount of votes will receive an exciting prize.

4. Include Attractive Video Content with Instagram Video Creator

Many video marketing experts will advise you to upload videos on Instagram. The quality of the video should be reviewed before posting because your videos will be shared with a large group of audience. Make sure the sound and video quality of the video should be of better quality. Try to invest in your video using Instagram video creator to make it look professional.

For instance, you can use a green screen, an expensive camera, a good mic, and your video is ready to launch. A good quality video experiences more customer engagement than images. When you create compelling video content, you can connect with the audience in a better way.

5. Use Instagram Marketing Tools

Business profiles on Instagram have huge dissimilarities from Facebook profiles. The business profile provides insights about the company, such as statistics, engagement data, and much more. You can even know the type of followers who are engaged in the social media platform.

Through free Instagram marketing tools like SocialPilot, Buffer, Awario, and Blog2social, you can know the post’s insights and help you understand how users are communicating with your content. The more you get data about how users are communicating with your post, the more you will be able to manage your content.

6. Include Great Captions

Instagram is referred to as an interactive visual medium. But it does not reveal that you should ignore the importance of captions. Brand voice and brand look both are equally important for your business to promote on Instagram.

Instagram captions can range up to 2,000 characters. Thus, you can use captions to describe both short and detailed stories about your product. Make sure the first two lines should appear in the news feed.

7. Make Your Instagram Stories Engaging

Most of the business uses Instagram stories since they are experiencing better results. The stories on Instagram do not last for a long time. Instagram stories open a window to make connections between followers and business partners and thus build a strong relationship. Make sure the story should have a good message for the customers.


8. You Can Play With Instagram Reels

You will find a new feature located on the explore page, which is known as Reels. Reels is the perfect competitor to TikTok. Reels are not designed for dance challenges. Many companies are using Reels to make a different impression.

Instagram reels is a video format that provides video-makers to develop and share short videos such as Instagram stories. If you are not comfortable with Instagram Reels, you can also use  InVideo. This video content does not disappear within a day.

Many people regard Instagram Reels as a duplicate of TikTok. Instagram Reels gained lots of appreciation from the viewers and influencers. Many top brands are using Instagram Reels, and they are quite satisfied.

9. Try To Invite Popular Instagram Influencer

Working with an influencer can help your business in many ways. They will help to promote your brand to a set of new audiences. In a recent survey, it has been found that people started to purchase products because of their favorite influencers.

You can host or invite an Instagram influencer to launch your product. In this way, you will be able to attract customers to your business. Inviting an influencer for a certain period of time, like for a weekend, can help you to reach a new audience. So partner shipping with an influencer is really worth promoting your business on Instagram.

10. Make an Effort to Upgrade Your Profile

In just 100 characters, you can describe your Instagram bio. It is the first thing that any customer admires when landing on your Instagram page for the first time. Within the bio, you can describe the motive and aim of the business.

Also, you can tell the people what value your product can add to their life. You can also provide contact details and websites in the bio so that people can find you easily. So make sure your profile has all the relevant information about the business.


So, these are the 10 tips that you must follow when promoting your company or service on Instagram.