FLORIDA, USA. Bullet / mediadrumworld.com

By Rebecca Drew

EERIE pictures have revealed the abandoned remains of the American jail which saw five convicted murderers successfully escape in a spectacular prison-break 22-years ago.

Haunting images show rows upon rows of empty cells where inmates would have once stayed, broken pipes and debris scattered across the corridor floor and crumbling shower blocks.

FLORIDA, USA. Bullet / mediadrumworld.com

Other shots show where the convicts would do the laundry and a sign detailing the rules in place for watching the television. One image even looks inside the prison’s chapel.

The incredible photographs were taken at Glades Correctional Institution, Belle Glade, Florida, USA, by an urban explorer known only as Bullet using a Nikon 7000 equipped with a sigma 10-20mm lens.

FLORIDA, USA. Bullet / mediadrumworld.com

“There were a number of prisons that were shut down in 2011,” said Bullet.

“My friends and I found a list of them and checked out each and every one of them, Glades Correctional being the largest and most interesting of the closed prisons.

“Many people are against the idea of privatised prisons and most of the prisons in Florida were privatised.

“This prison was too old and was not included in the privatisation plan, so it was closed instead.”

FLORIDA, USA. Bullet / mediadrumworld.com

Glades Correctional Institution first opened its doors in 1932 under the name Florida Prison Farm #2. In 1951 its name changed to Glades State Prison Farm and before being changed again in 1962. The prison closed in 2011.

On January 2, 1995, six inmates serving life sentences for first degree murder escaped the prison by digging an eight-feet-wide, two-feet-deep tunnel beneath the chapel that was being built at the time. One inmate, Felix Carbonell, was captured outside the prison fence.

Florencio Alvarez was recaptured and Armando Junco died after being shot by police. Jesus Martinez and Hector Rivas were eventually recaptured with the last remaining escapee at large until August 3, 1997.

FLORIDA, USA. Bullet / mediadrumworld.com

Bullet said there were no issues accessing the complex and mentioned that many people react with disbelief that such huge places are left abandoned.

“We had no issues thankfully. We parked out front and walked right in. There were workers on the property and they were kind, let us take as many photos as we wanted,” he added.

“Many people can’t believe why these places are closed. Many people like to say things like ‘why don’t they use it as a homeless shelter’, but they don’t understand that the town doesn’t need homeless shelters, it needs something that brings in jobs and revenue given the forty percent unemployment rate in the town.

“The new owners hope someone comes along and uses the property that will benefit the nearby town and areas in a positive way, and I hope that occurs as many areas there are suffering.”

FLORIDA, USA. Bullet / mediadrumworld.com

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