By Rebecca Drew


THIS STYLISH seventy-five-year-old grandad has been wowing Instagram with his cool streetwear looks – which have garnered an impressive ONE MILLION followers.

Incredible images showed grandad Alojz Abram (75) posing in a series of fashion portraits showcasing his love for incredible colourful street wear and trainers.

In one image, Alojz, who is affectionately known only as ‘Gramps’ online, wore a trendy dungaree and jumper combination whilst in another, he rocked a pair of camo cargo trousers whilst posing next to a boombox.

Gramps pictured wearing denim dungarees and a white beanie. Mediadrumimages / @jaadiee

Gramps’ grandson and content creator Jannik Diefenbach (24) from Mainz, Germany, started taking fashion style portraits of his grandfather in 2016 after Jannik asked him if he would like to try on his clothes.

To his surprise, Jannik’s grandad loved the casual streetwear look and he took a picture of him and posted it online. Since then, Jannik’s ‘Gramps’ pictures have grown in popularity and the pair now have an eyewatering 1,000,000 followers online.

“I asked him [Gramps] if he wanted to try on my clothes. He said yes, tried them on and looked super cool,” said Jannik.

Gramps photographed in his youth. Mediadrumimages / @jaadiee

“We took some pictures, uploaded them and everyone loved it. Since Gramps enjoyed taking pictures and felt comfortable, we kept it up and never stopped.

“It’s great to be able to spend so much time with Gramps. He’s a cool guy and it’s always fun to take photos of him.

“Before Covid, we used to travel a lot for work and I really liked that. Visiting new places whilst having a great time with Gramps is super cool.

Gramps poses with his wife in matching head-to-toe denim looks. Mediadrumimages / @jaadiee

“We posted the pictures of Gramps because he looked cool. When the first big Instagram page reposted one of the pictures, we reached the one-thousand follower mark and we were surprised then.

“It’s great to see that Gramps can entertain and inspire so many people by simply enjoying himself.

“At first, he didn’t understand his Instagram fame because he wasn’t too deep into social media.

Here, Gramps is pictured sporting a yellow and blue trendy look. Mediadrumimages / @jaadiee

“Now, he loves being recognised on the streets and is always happy when someone asks for a selfie with him. He definitely enjoys being famous.

“We’ve always been super close. When I was a child, Gramps used to pick me up once a week after school.

“We used to play table tennis, football and other stuff. We’ve definitely grown even closer now that we have our shared hobby.

Gramps / Alojz has recently celebrated his 75th birthday. Mediadrumimages / @jaadiee

“We get to spend lots of time together, can work and travel and enjoy the time.

“It’s never too late to start something new.”

Jannik shares quirky pictures of his grandad on Instagram under the handle, @jaadiee. Through his pictures, he hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams regardless of their age. The duo don’t plan on stopping creating content together any time soon with a clothing line in the pipeline.