We live in a world where rendering services have become the hallmark of human existence, all you need is getting the right information that will direct you towards that service. Are you stuck in a dilemma and need legal advice to help you navigate the situation? Well, whatever you are going through, find consolation in the mantra that you are not alone! 

People seeking legal advice or random counsel on law-related matters keep some lawyers in business, and it is not tedious getting the attention of an attorney, all you need are tips on where to go or who to call to get the advice. If you do not have access to a friend, family, or acquaintance that is an attorney, this guide will help you find legal advice, free or paid, within your locality. 


Contact The City Courthouse

Few people know you can use public resources to get free or paid legal consultations. City courthouses are synonymous with a lawyer hub, all you need to do is ask the receptionist there for help in getting a lawyer that can offer legal advice on your case. However, you need to be specific on the legal advice that you want as that will help them know who to recommend. 

If you just moved into a particular county and need legal advice on how to file certain documents, it will be in your best interest to use the city courthouse to get the contact of local attorneys that can help you with your dilemma. 


Contact County or State Bar Association

This is a more streamlined way to get legal advice, either free or paid. Depending on your location, there are bar associations that have instituted the ‘Ask an Attorney Service’ to their public relations strategy, so if you need legal advice on certain issues, call in on scheduled days for this service, and the lawyers on tap will answer your legal questions for free.

Also, a state bar association can hook you up with registered lawyers practicing in your area, provided you need extended sessions for your legal problems that cut across all aspects of the law, such as personal injury, immigration, real estate, domestic abuse, and others. If you are planning to move, this is especially useful if you want to, for example, immigrate to Canada from UAEyou can get all the information regarding the process in a few minutes, and you should always consult your lawyer on how to proceed with the process to limit the mistakes and speed them up.


Book A Session With Online Lawyers

Technology has made getting services less cumbersome and for your kind of problem, you can easily access online legal help websites that will put you in contact with professional lawyers that can answer your questions. Remote working has made it easy for you to access different services and getting to consult with a lawyer in the middle of a lockdown or quarantine has become easy-peasy. 

If you need legal advice, surf the internet to find an online legal website that suits your needs, and you can book a session with any of the lawyers on retainer. Mind you, online legal help has both free and paid services too. 


Seek Individual Attorneys

This is one of the best ways to get legal advice, seeking attorneys within your areas and booking an appointment. The folks at FreedomLaw.ca recommends that you use law offices that provide custom legal solutions to clients. That way you do not have to worry about sharing confidential information with over one attorney as your appointment will be with a lawyer that suits your legal problem. 

Some firms have professionals handling various aspects of the law such as personal injury, real estate, family and divorce, labor and employment, criminal, tax, immigration, and construction lawyers, which makes it easier to shop for multiple legal advice at once. By the way, when you contact law firms to book an appointment, ask if they offer free sessions and the timeframe, that way you don’t have to pay for services that may not satisfy you.


Try Legal Aid Societies

This is an age-long way to get legal advice and consultation with an attorney. Legal aid societies are non-profit organizations, and they are present in almost all counties and municipalities, providing free legal services to low-income people. 

If you do not have money to consult a private attorney, the legal aid clinic is the next best thing for you to get real legal advice at no cost.


Visit A Law School Campus

Another way to get legal advice at a free cost is visiting a law school campus and getting an audience with a law student to request a consultation. Law students are quite useful at dishing out legal advice as they are usually eager to test their work-in-progress law knowledge in real-life situations.

Also, if you think using a random law student is risky, you can approach law campus administration and request to use the services of their pro bono program staffed with intelligent students, I can assure you will get the best services legal advice as law schools usually use the program to build the public image of their institutions. 


Try A Small Claims Court

If you are in a legal dilemma that involves an inconsiderable amount of money between $100 to $1000, you can use a small claims court for legal advice. We have small claims courts scattered around the country and offer legal services that would help you in dispute resolution or recover the small financial asset. 

A small claims court gives you full services legal advice and saves you the added charges of hiring an attorney to represent you in the court or throughout the proceedings. If you are a low-income earner and need to sue your employer for outstanding wages, you can use a small claims court for this legal service. 


Use The Trade Union Network

This is very tricky because it focuses on specialized services, but people still use it to seek legal advice. As a trade Union member, you are liable to legal representation from the union when you have employment-related issues, but you can still tap the resources for other legal matters because we can render them through the same channel. 

The list is exhaustive and shows that you can get legal advice from multiple sources, however; you need to be strategic on where you get it from and how it will help your current dilemma.