The Sussex born bimbo has enlarged her breasts to a K-cup. MDWFeatures / @graceyelisabeth

By Martin Ruffell


AFTER being fired at the start of the pandemic this British woman almost lost her HOUSE – but after turning to OnlyFans now makes over £10,000 per month selling nudes online.

Former telecoms project manager Grace Taylor (28) from Sussex, UK, saw an advert on Instagram for a company called Studio 66 who were looking to recruit ‘webcam models’ in early 2020. Despite having heard stories in the news of girls earning over six figures from similar endeavours, Grace was skeptical.

However, she decided that there wouldn’t be any harm in signing up and in her first live show, earned £350 in just two hours by talking dirty to men on the phone and stripping on camera. Grace decided not to tell any of her family about her new side-hustle but did excitedly confide in a friend from work instead.

After losing her corporate job at the start of the pandemic, Grace turned to selling nudes on OnlyFans in order to pay her mortgage. MDWFeatures / @graceyelisabeth

This decision proved to be a mistake and news quickly spread to her boss about her work on the side. A few weeks later, when the company she was working for decided to let 10 members of staff go, Grace was not surprised to learn that her name was amongst those being cut.

Having been told her employment was immediately terminated, Grace panicked about what she would do for money. Having just bought her own house and car, she was terrified about losing everything she had worked so hard for and immediately contacted local recruiters in search of an alternative job. With the pandemic raging on, Grace was told that all recruitment was on hold besides part time jobs in her local supermarket.

Grace immediately got back in contact with Studio 66 and asked them for every free shift they had available. She also started her OnlyFans page, on which she posts nude pictures of herself for her hundreds of subscribers who each pay a £7 per month subscription.

She has undergone plastic surgery in order to look like a barbie doll. MDWFeatures / @graceyelisabeth

From her webcam modelling work and her OnlyFans, Grace now earns over £10,000 per month compared to the £30,000 per year she was making from her previous job in technology.

With this money, Grace has splashed out on a £60,000 Jaguar F-Type. She has also spent over £15,000 on a variety of cosmetic procedures, including  1260cc implants, transforming her breasts from a C-cup to a K-cup, as well as numerous fillers, botox injections and teeth veneers.

The 28 year old is into a fetish called ‘dollification’ and wants to look like a real-life barbie doll – something her fans are only too keen to support.

Grace sees herself as an entrepreneur as opposed to a sex worker. MDWFeatures / @graceyelisabeth

According to Grace, the change in her work has transformed her life for the better. Previously chronically depressed at her corporate job, Grace is now happier than she has been in years, has more money than she has ever seen in her life, and has the freedom to work as much or as little as she likes.

The biggest challenge Grace faced was telling her family about her work, yet despite a look of confusion initially from her mum, Grace says that almost all of her family now accept what she does for a living.

However, the 28 year old certainly has to be adaptable on the job, with those phoning in asking for a variety of kinks to be fulfilled. According to the self-titled ‘bimbo,’ one of the more unusual calls she has received was from a man who wanted her to act out stabbing him to death, whilst he acted as if he was being killed down the phone.

Unsure about her new line of work at first, Grace now thinks it is the best decision she has ever made in her life. MDWFeatures / @graceyelisabeth

Whilst Grace admits that she would ultimately like to be making six figures doing something that helps others, she is proud of the entrepreneurial spirit she has shown in the face of adversity.

“A month before I was due to move into my new home, I saw an advert on Instagram for webcam modelling,” said Grace.

“I had seen in newspapers before that webcam models can earn over a hundred grand a year, but I thought yeah right?

The 28 year old has earned so much money that she has been able to treat herself to a stunning Jaguar F-Type. MDWFeatures / @graceyelisabeth

“So I was cautious and skeptical, but I signed up on the off chance.

“I didn’t start for another few months until I moved into my house as I couldn’t do it living with my mum.

“One day I took my dogs to my mum’s house and said ‘I’m just going shopping’ as a cover.

Grace poses for a modelling shot on the beach.MDWFeatures / @graceyelisabeth

“I logged on for two hours, chatting to men online and by the time I had finished, I was astonished to see that I had made £350.

“I was working in an office for a telecoms company in Surrey earning about thirty-thousand pounds per year and barely had one-hundred pounds left over each month for myself after I had paid my bills and my mortgage.

“On March 18, 2020, when I was working from home, my company FaceTimed me and said, ‘We’re making you redundant as of today.’

Grace takes racey snaps for her OnlyFans page and charges fans £7 per month to see them. MDWFeatures / @graceyelisabeth

“I remember sitting at home in a complete state of shock and just thinking, what do I do now?

“I don’t come from a family of money so I don’t have anyone to rely on.

“I contacted dozens of recruiters, but they just replied saying that they were shut and didn’t have any positions available.

Grace wants to have more plastic surgery in the future to enhance her bimbo look. MDWFeatures / @graceyelisabeth

“The only jobs that were available were part-time jobs in the Co-Op for eight pounds an hour.

“I thought, I’m going to lose everything, my house, my car, all of my savings.

“I wasn’t at all sure about doing the webcam stuff longer term but as soon as I got made redundant, I called them up and asked them for every single shift available.

Grace believes she was let go from her job because her boss found out she was webcam modelling on the side of her nine to five. MDWFeatures / @graceyelisabeth

“I really took it in my stride and some days, I log on and can clear one-thousand pounds in a session no problem.

“I could have dwelled on it and crawled into a hole, but my flight or fight response was to be driven and make it work.

“From this experience, I would never go back to working for a corporate company again.

Grace has spent over £15,000 on cosmetic procedures, including breast implants, taking her from a C-cup to whopping K-cup. MDWFeatures / @graceyelisabeth

“In the beginning, I lied to my mum about what I was doing as I was worried about how she would react.

“She looked a little shocked and confused, but she’s not an idiot.

“She was very inquisitive and asked me loads of questions and because I was new to it, we were really learning all about it together, although I didn’t want to go into too much detail.

The wannabe Barbie doll works from the comfort of her bedroom, earning well over six figures per year. MDWFeatures / @graceyelisabeth

“Ultimately, she was incredibly supportive and totally understood where I was coming from.

“Unfortunately, I fell out with my sister big time over this and I think there was a jealousy aspect to it for sure.

“She didn’t understand why I was doing it but once I explained and told her all about it, she has become a bit more accepting.

Grace poses in baby pink lingerie. MDWFeatures / @graceyelisabeth

“I was really worried how my friends would react, but they are actually really interested and think it’s awesome.

“You go from being Grace the office worker to the most interesting person to talk to and people are fascinated by every aspect of it.

“The strange thing was that during lockdown, it helped me mentally as I was busy talking to people on the phone every day and kept busy.

Grace kept the news from her mum at first, worried about what she might think, but has since come clean and says most of her family and friends are very supportive. MDWFeatures / @graceyelisabeth

“I do get more unusual calls too though and there’s a particular caller who likes to ask me to hold up my arm and then pretend to slam a dagger into his chest but it’s quite therapeutic to stab the bed and get a bit of stress out.

“It’s fascinating from a psychological point of view, the type of kinks people have and trying to understand the reasons for them.

“I’ve managed to continue to pay my mortgage without any stress and have even bought a Jaguar F-Type.

Grace wants the money she is making to give her and her family a better quality of life.MDWFeatures / @graceyelisabeth

“It’s nice to know that I’m driving a better car than any of my previous boyfriends.”

For Grace, the freedom, sociability, and money her job provides her with makes it all worthwhile. Whilst she knows that some people will look down upon her career choice, labelling it as ‘sex work,’ Grace is keen to emphasise that ultimately she is an entrepreneur, choosing a better quality of life for her and her family.

“It has empowered me to know that I’m not helpless or weak, but am an intelligent woman who is able to make decisions for herself,” said Grace.

The Sussex born bimbo has enlarged her breasts to a K-cup. MDWFeatures / @graceyelisabeth

“We tend to look at women as pretty things and think, ‘She’ll get a husband one day who will pay for everything.’

“Men by nature seem to put women down who do this and see it as threatening, but who wouldn’t want a woman who earns five figures per month?

“I could have chosen to get a normal job and continued to be chronically depressed and possibly lost my house and car, but had an acceptable job, but I wanted more from my life.

The 28 year old talks dirty to men, whilst live streaming from her bedroom. MDWFeatures / @graceyelisabeth

“It’s a difficult job as no ones going to give me a pat on the back and say well done.

“I just want to have a better life, secure my future and maybe one day my family’s if I’m able to.”