Bamboo jungle home, Bali. IBUKU /

By Mark McConville

STUNNING pictures have revealed the idyllic multi-level bamboo home located in holiday paradise, Bali.

Incredible images show an aerial view of the home, with the structure almost blending in seamlessly to the surrounding jungle and the exterior of the house as it rises above the foliage which holes included in its roof to allow the trees to grow through it.

Other spectacular shots show the luxurious interior with a fully fitted kitchen, living area on the balcony and four-post bed providing everything a home-owner could want.

Bamboo jungle home, Bali, Indonesia. IBUKU /


The impressive building, named Ananda House, is the latest work of IBUKU and was built as a private residence for David Hornblow and his family.

“IBUKU’s goal is to provide spaces in which people can live in an authentic relationship with nature,” said founder and creative director Elora Hardy.

“We do this by designing fully functional homes and furniture that are made of natural substances and built in ways that integrate with nature.

Inside the idyllic bamboo home, Bali. IBUKU /


“IBUKU is creating spaces where living in nature is living in style.” We give our projects detailed care and attention from start to finish, including bespoke interior furnishings. IBUKU has built over 50 bamboo structures in Bali, Indonesia, and around the region.”

A winding stone path bordered by terraced gardens leads to the entrance of each structure. The pavilion to the right houses the family room, which is a large space with an open-air terrace.

At the heart of the living area is the kitchen, complete with a curving countertop made from slabs of locally-sourced river stone.

Inside the idyllic bamboo home, Bali. IBUKU /


The bedrooms are perched over the living space and designed to take advantage of natural light and ventilation. Each room has an east-facing private balcony that provides incredible views over the valley.

To the back of the main building is a grotto pool whose design mimics the natural landscape, creating a fun, indoor-outdoor space.

The master bedroom is located at the highest point of the structure. It’s a stunningly romantic space with a lookout tower at the top.

Inside the idyllic bamboo home, Bali. IBUKU /


The sleeping area is located on the first level, and an attached outdoor bathroom, complete with a monolithic bathtub, looks out over the valley.

IBUKU is a team of designers, architects and engineers that is exploring groundbreaking ways of using bamboo to build homes, hotels, schools, and event spaces in Bali, Indonesia.