Regardless if you are traveling to meet your foreign friends or have to schedule an important business meeting, it is crucial to start with the translation of your travel documents in advance. Translation of official documents always takes time and may require additional expenses. Since no person wants to face trouble while passing the customs, it is crucial to check the list of required documents in advance since it will keep you safe regardless of your travel destination. Taking time to do it right, you will always enjoy the journey that will not be darkened by bureaucracy or any document missing! 


List of Documents You Should Translate Before Travelling

  • Bank Statement Proof. It is one of those financial documents that is often required when one is traveling abroad. It means that you should have your bank information obtained by talking to your legal advisor or the bank consultant to make sure that you know precisely what must be provided at the customs. 
  • Medical Certificate. Also known as the immunization card, it contains information about your vaccination, allergies, chronic illnesses, or anything that may be important for the healthcare specialists abroad. Remember that only a certified translator can handle such tasks, which is why it is recommended to check the best translation companies review to make sure that you find the best services that have good deadlines and are affordable. Make sure to check the accuracy of personal names and numbers as you check the final document. 
  • Proof of Health Insurance. This document is usually provided in both versions (your native language and the foreign copy) by the insurance company, yet when it does not happen for some reason, you must provide the official translation of your health insurance proof. Depending on the country, you should check with the foreign officials regarding additional information that may be important. 
  • Criminal Record. It is usually required by some exotic countries that are not listed in the global criminal records database for occasional verification purposes. While the customs officer might not request this particular document in most cases as you travel, keeping this document along with you will keep you safe in case of any disputes or legal issues. 
  • International Driving License. Your international driver’s license will often act like your passport, which is important for those situations when you need to prove your identity. Of course, you may also require a passport translation, which will be useful if you plan to deal with real estate property or any legal matters. However, when you show your international driver’s ID to a policeman or any official, the translated version of your international driver’s ID will keep you safe from trouble in most scenarios. 
  • Your Student’s ID & Education Proof. If you are a college student, the translated student’s ID and the proof of your academic credentials may be helpful. It is especially important if you are traveling to earn a certification or volunteer at a foreign NGO or an international summer camp. 
  • Your Travel Purpose. Since you may not be able to explain things in a foreign language somewhere in Western Africa or remote locations in Brazil, it is vital to have a translated document that explains your travel purpose. This document will help the local officials see the purpose of your trip. When you cannot explain something in a foreign language, providing this foreign language document will act as a helpful solution.  


Keeping The Documents By Your Side 

Remember that while keeping your documents in the hotel room is always good, you must keep certain copies of vital documents like an immunization card along with you as well as you leave your apartment or the hotel room. Your basic information must be written or typed clearly. Considering creating a small card with the contact information of your physician, a family member, or a good friend. It will help you to stay safe in case of an unfortunate accident or legal trouble that you may encounter abroad. 



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