If you’re bored and sad at home, maybe it’s time to take a trip. Or, just start planning it to help elevate your mood. 

Research on Planning a Trip

A recent poll by Applied Positive Research discovered that just thinking about a trip can increase the happiness and lower the stress levels in those who are preparing to travel. The study had an amazing find. Almost all participants – 97% of them – said going on a trip made them feel happier than before. 

Not only that, but 71% said they had more energy when they had travel plans within the next six months. That means that simply having a trip on the calendar can help people feel better. 

Perhaps it is having that sense of certainty during these uncertain times when there are many worries that can help the mind. Having a plan for a holiday can bring calmness and improve the mood.

Preparing for Travel

Whether you are planning for a small road trip or a bigger adventure, you will have to make sure you have everything prepared in advance if you want to stay stress-free. That includes getting a travel journal and trip planner to enter the details about what to see while you’re away, your budget, and more.

Also, pack suncream if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the sunshine and get new luggage to make the holiday more exciting. Save money by using Walmart coupons and conveniently shop online to get what you need for the trip.

What the Holiday Looks Like 

As for the type of holiday that people most look forward to during the pandemic, the Applied Positive Research poll respondents overwhelmingly pointed out three features. They wanted a restful trip, one that was under a week in length and a domestic location.

The poll was done on a sample of 263 adults living in the U.S. who were 18 years and older. Clearly, it showed the effect of travel planning on happiness levels.

Staying Safe while Away

If you do end up taking that trip, rather than just planning it, take the necessary steps to stay safe during the pandemic. Firstly, research the travel restrictions for your destination and abide by the regulations. Also, ask your doctor if it is safe for you to travel, given your current health. 

As for where to go, avoid hotspots for the virus and try to avoid crowds whenever possible. Also be aware that regulations can change at any time during a pandemic, so you need to be flexible. For example, a mandatory quarantine might be enforced while you are away.

If you plan to fly, then read the flight policies for your chosen airline beforehand. Then you will know the details regarding face coverings, cancellation policies and more. Travel insurance is also probably a good idea, in case someone gets ill.

Finding Ways to Increase Happiness 

It is important to encourage personal happiness to combat the negative energy of the COVID-19 pandemic. Paying attention to your happiness, whether it is planning a trip or another activity, can help boost your immune system and take care of your mental health. That’s a great strategy for all.