Are you looking to improve your fitness? Whether you are training for an event or you simply want to get in better shape than you are now, improving your fitness is one of the best things that you can do, not only for your physical health but your mental health too. Increasing your fitness will bring many benefits to your life and some surprise ones, but it is not always straightforward and will require a lot of work. Exercise is, obviously, key, but what are a few less obvious ways that you can improve your fitness? Read on for a few ideas.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of physical fitness and wellbeing. Sleep is when your body and mind recovers, repairs and recharges, yet few people get the recommended 7-9 hours which could be impacting their fitness and entire life in more ways than one. Make sleep a priority and you should quickly notice results as well as feel much brighter and more energetic during the day.

Prioritize Rest Days

Similarly, you must also make sure that you have rest days where you do not do any exercise so that your body has time to recover. Obviously, exercising multiple times throughout the week is key but you must have at least one full day without any exercise and these rest days are just as important as exercise so they should be scheduled in.

Use a Smart Watch

To improve your fitness and performance, it is important that you are able to monitor your activity so that you can push yourself, set goals and improve each week. It is worth researching the best watches for swimming because swimming is a complete body workout and one of the best forms of exercise, plus these watches can track all kinds of aspects such as lengths, technique monitoring and length-by-length data. Swimming watches can also track other activities but have the obvious benefit of working underwater unlike other smart watches.

Try Progressive Overload

It is hard to improve your fitness and/or strength if you are simply performing the same exercise each week. This is why you need to use progressive overload, which is simply increasing demand in order to improve fitness. This might mean running slightly further/faster each week, lifting a bigger weight or with more reps or adding laps to your swim.

Meal Prep

Eating a healthy diet is another obvious tip when it comes to increasing fitness but many people struggle to maintain this, especially when they are working full-time and/or have other responsibilities. This is why meal prep is such a good idea as it allows you to prepare healthy meals for the week ahead of time which can then save you a huge amount of time during the week. 

Hopefully, these tips will be of use and help you to improve your fitness quickly. Improving fitness can bring a multitude of benefits to your entire life, but it can also be challenging and will involve much more than just regular exercise.