Home improvement can be a very difficult, time-consuming, and expensive pastime. Many of us want to improve our homes but lack the money, time, or expertise to take on ambitious projects. Thankfully, there are improvements you can make that are easy and cheap yet make a huge difference to your living space!

In this article, we will delve into five of the best DIY hacks that anybody can do with ease to improve their home!

Replace Wallpaper with Paint

Wallpaper was once considered a cheap and easy way of decorating the interior of your home; however, recent fashions and trends have seen wallpaper become seen as dated – not to mention prone to aging and fading.

An easy way to make your walls and home feel spick and span and brand new is to apply a fresh coat of paint! While bold colours can be striking, more neutral colours like creams and earth tones are more versatile and easier to paint over if you change your mind!

Door Handles

One of the easiest steps that you take to drastically change the look of your home is to replace your door and cupboard handles. There is a huge variety of door and cupboard handles available for not much money. If you want to quickly give your home a more modern look, this is an effective way to do it!


Replacing furniture is an easy way of changing the interior design of your home. While replacing things such as sofas, beds, and towering bookcases can be difficult and expensive, things such as shelves, racks, and small tables are easier and cheaper to replace. You may even be able to find used furniture being sold cheaply or even given away for free on many websites!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you may even consider designing and building your own furniture. It is surprisingly easy and rewarding to build your own furniture out of spare objects that may be lying around. For example, Galvanised threaded pipe can be used to make shelves, racks, and towel rails!


Don’t Forget Exterior Windowsills

It can be easy to forget about exterior windowsills, and this leads to them commonly becoming very dirty and visually unappealing. A simple way to resolve this problem is by applying a fresh coat of paint! You may also want to use some kind of sealant to protect them from the elements. Once this is done, regular cleaning will keep them looking smooth and neat.


Your garden is an essential part of your property and is usually the first thing that visitors to your home will notice. There is not much point keeping the inside of your house perfect if your garden is untidy or unsightly! Clearing up any mess outside and adding some simple potted plants is a quick and easy way to make your garden a nice place to be. If you have a lawn, you should keep it cut and watered, and remember to water plants regularly.