It doesn’t matter how fast technology evolves, there are still some activities that cannot be replaced. Fishing is one such activity, as it allows us to connect with nature, be mindful, and usually connect with friends and family in the process. It doesn’t matter to you whether you fish in the same area or are known to venture to new waters regularly, you are probably curious to learn where those hot spots are around Australia. Now, let’s pack the boat with the rods and tackle because we are going to uncover Australia’s best fishing destinations.

Cairns, Queensland

You might have guessed that Cairns falls to the top of the list, after all, this is where you can find the Great Barrier Reef and some of the most diverse wildlife in these clear waters. The typical fishing season is best to enjoy between September and December when Cairns is its warmest. You can find any type of boat or charter here to take out, as well as fishing gear if you are planning to fly in. You can expect to catch Barracuda, Spanish Mackerel, Tuna and literally hundreds more fish. It would be best to plan your Cairns fishing trip in advance as this is an international hotspot, which millions visit each year to chase summer. 

Exmouth, Western Australia

It’s not just the beautiful oceans that bring visitors to Western Australia, but the great fishing opportunities at Exmouth. If you haven’t heard of Exmouth, then you might know it for the Ningaloo Reef, which has one of the most diverse ocean wildlife of anywhere in the entire world. Bait fishing, fly fishing, charter fishing and any other way to fish will be happening on these waters, with most fishers catching Swordfish, Sailfish, Trevally and many more sizeable kinds. Many have had their biggest catches on these waters. Make sure you get familiar with the area before you plan any travel, as it is almost three hours out of Perth and you don’t want to land without being prepared for another journey.

Central Highlands, Tasmania

The Central Highlands of Tasmania are as beautiful as they are relaxing, and this is probably one of more untouched fishing hot spots in the country. Rather than one body of water, you will find over 3,000 lakes to choose from – with Arthurs Lake and Great Lake deserving a key callout as a favourite for fishermen. The good news is that the delicious Rainbow Trout is present within these lakes. If the ocean is more your speed, you will actually have a great selection of fishing spots not far from Launceston. Expect fly fishing in the Central Highlands during spring, and if you haven’t done it before this is a great area to try it.

Darwin, Northern Territory

The eternal summer of Darwin makes it a great spot for fishing, soaking up some sun and seeing an enormous variety of water and land wildlife – and not all of them are scary! Darwin has long held a reputation for being the place to catch fine Barramundi, and between February and May, you would have to try pretty hard to not catch one. Be mindful of the unpredictable weather from December to February (which is when most people plan their fishing trips abroad) – this unpredictable time of the year could make fishing not possible, or one of the best fishing trips of your life. You’ll just have to see! While you are in Darwin, be sure to visit Kakadu Nation Park and revel in the natural beauty that is often overlooked.


Any spot can make a great fishing hot spot, and it’s all about getting comfortable casting your rod in other bodies of water and seeing what sort of catch you can get. Fishing is also a great way to see the world, and with enough planning, you could design an Australian fishing tour that will see you experiencing and tasting the culture of this beautiful country.