Malaga is a large city located in the south of Spain and is a very popular tourist destination. Malaga is a sunny city that has many avenues decorated with palm trees and is also popular for its rich nightlife. Urban architecture and tropical plants make this city special, but also the fact that Pablo Picasso was born in this place. Excellent tourist offers and attractive resorts attract more and more tourists to come to Malaga every year.  There are many important museums and exclusive restaurants in this city that prepare fish specialties.  Want to visit?  You can start your NIE application here.


Reasons to visit Malaga


If you are wondering why you should visit Malaga in Spain, we are here to help you.   

We have singled out several tourist attractions located in Malaga that you should visit this place for:   

Picasso Museum  is the biggest attraction you should visit in Malaga. In this museum, you can see all the works of Pablo Picasso. The building in which the museum is located in authentic and very picturesque;

Alcazaba is a fortress in Malaga, which is the most important part of the historical and cultural heritage of the city. This fortress is located on a hill near the coast, from where there is a beautiful view of Malaga and the sea. There is a lookout point on this fortress where you can watch the sunset. At this fortress, you can see the remains of the old fortress and the Roman amphitheater;  

The Roman Theater is one of the oldest buildings in Malaga. Admission is free for visitors throughout the day. This Roman theater is located at the foot of the Alcazaba, where some of the most famous cafes in Malaga are located;  

Castillo de Gibralfaro is located on a hill above the Alcazaba, and they are connected. There used to be a lighthouse on this hill, after which it got its name. It was renovated at the beginning of the 20th century so that you can walk around the walls in a relaxed way. From this hill, there is a beautiful view of the harbor and the city;  

Playa de La Malagueta is a popular tourist attraction because it has many cafes that offer grilled fish. Grilled fish is a real specialty that you should not miss if you are traveling to Malaga. You can enjoy this beautiful beach all year round;  

Malaga Paseo del Parque is a botanical park located in Malaga. This botanical park is a real tourist attraction where you can see many plant species. Sculptures and fountains beautify this botanical park. Near this botanical park, there are cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy after the tour.  

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