You are fighting for your country with just one aim in mind, to protect your fellow citizens back home. You overcome all sorts of ordeals and successfully complete your mission after countless sacrifices. Now it’s time to head back home, so what are you going to return with? There will be countless memories, but there will also be some Medals. Our country offers numerous military medals to recognize the efforts of our soldiers and if you are interested in US Air Force medals, then you are reading the perfect article. So let’s see what our country has in store for you if you come back victorious from a military assignment. 

Medal of Honor

This is the highest honor that can be given to an American military hero. The Air Force version is a five-pointed gold star in a wreath of green laurel. Recipients of this award receive special respect. Anyone in the military will salute the recipient of a Medal of Honor, regardless of rank, setting this medal aside in custom as well as rank. Only the most incredible acts of heroism will earn a member of the Air Force this coveted medal. It is awarded by the President after the recipient is decided by Congress. 

Air Force Cross

This is the second-highest medal given for acts of heroism in the air force. It is given to acts that, while incredibly brave and deserving of great respect, do not merit the highest honor of the Medal of Honor. This award has been in existence since the 1960s. Previously, the Army version of the Cross served the Air Force as well. 


The Air Force Cross is a bronze cross with an American bald eagle circled by a laurel wreath and edged in gold. The ribbon is very similar to that of the Distinguished Service Cross, but a lighter blue. 

Air Force Silver Star

Each branch has their own Silver Star. It is awarded to soldiers who showed great acts of valor and heroism over a short period. Recognized acts must be significant enough to earn recognition but not so great as to earn a higher honor. 

Members of the Air Force can earn a Silver Star if they are in five or more combat situations where they have confirmed kills and have risked their lives numerous times. 

Bronze Star

This distinction is given to Air Force service people who achieve a great achievement against an enemy while not actively involved in aerial fighting. This medal is important to distinguish the heroism of Air Force soldiers even when they aren’t in an aircraft. 

Too often, members of the Air Force are only acknowledged for what they do in the air, but in fact, these soldiers often have to show great bravery on the ground as well. 

Defense Superior Service Medal

This unique medal recognizes when a member of the armed services has played an important role or showed responsibility for a joint activity that resulted in important success for the US. This award is most often given to Air Force senior officers like colonels and generals who have made wise military decisions. 

Purple Heart

Like all members of the military, Air Force members can earn the Purple Heart if they are injured or killed in battle. The award can also be given to family members posthumously. The color purple symbolized bravery. It takes great courage to put yourself at risk for the good of your fellow soldier and your country. Air Force pilots who are shot down can always expect a Purple Heart, but it may also be given to Air Force pilots injured in ground warfare. 

You Get What You Fight For!

The citizens of the USA recognise the efforts of their soldiers. The brave hearts that fight for us while we sit safely in our houses, truly deserve our respect. There are all sorts of situations in a battle and soldiers get recognition based on their performance in each of them. BTW, those colors really look nice on them when they return home. If you have such a hero in your family, tell them that we are thankful for their service.