Architecture is an incredible form of art that is not only beautiful but essential to our society. It combines everything I love in the world, from the artistry and design of the buildings, to the history and stories they can tell. There is nothing better than experiencing these locations first hand and truly embracing the culture of the area, and many people have aspirations to travel and enjoy a different walk of life. Through architecture, we are able to experience another period of time, and each structure is a standing monument to the era and people that came before it. This is some of the architecture that I find most fascinating, with locations that incorporate the distant past, or the approaching future.

European Historic Sites


Europe is the first thing that pops into the mind of most people when they think about architecture tours. It’s easy to see why, with so much culture and history available to you and so many countries nearby, it’s one of the best destinations for architecture tourists. While the most famous destinations are, of course, places like The Eiffel Tower, or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, there are many more architectural wonders that are hidden gems. For instance, places like the Casino di Venezia in Italy which first opened its doors in 1638, making it the oldest casino business in Europe that has been serving patrons for almost 400 years. The building is incredible to see in pictures, but it has a charm that cannot be captured in pictures alone. 

In Barcelona, you may be interested to see places like Casa Rocamora, a mansion once owned by an art collector in the early 1900s. The entire home is filled with unique collections of vintage clothing, a private library, priceless art, old letters and more. The building is reminiscent of early century Spanish style, a graceful look that is as stunning today as it was in its own time. 

For photographers and architecture enthusiasts, Europe is an absolute wonderland of historic and captivating architecture. From the spooky castles in Romania, to the centuries old churches in France and Germany, you will never be able to see it all. Every time you travel through Europe you will experience new sights that leave you wanting more. 


Futuristic Asian Cities


From the brick and mortar structures of old European history, we now take you to a different time period. When people say they love architecture, it’s natural to immediately think of older historic places like the castles and churches we have mentioned. In Asian countries like Singapore, Japan, or China, the culture in many ways is heading towards what’s new and futuristic. For people that want to see the next evolution in architecture, look no further than the technological marvels of Tokyo or Singapore. 

Tokyo has a well earned reputation as a cutting edge technological city that offers some extraordinary sights for architecture fans. There are the usual tourist sights, like the red and white Tokyo Tower, or the massive Tokyo Dome stadium. While these are amazing sights to see, travel around and you quickly become enveloped in a massively congested city brimming with lights, sound, and technology everywhere. There are massive skyscraper structures like the Tokyo Skytree, an observation tower and broadcasting center that is the second tallest building in the world. Roppongi Hills Mori Tower is another extraordinary futuristic building with 54 floors of office spaces, retail stores and tourist attractions. Tokyo has so much to offer to those that enjoy the cyber aesthetic. 

Singapore is another city that has been called one of the most futuristic cities in the world. Pictures simply cannot do justice to the incredible sights here. Being one of the richest countries and cities in the world, Singapore has invested sizeable amounts into the infrastructure and innovation of their architecture here. This can be seen in buildings like Marina Bay Sands, a breathtaking sky garden that sits atop triple towers. Places like The Interlace are an architectural marvel in their own right. The 1,040 unit apartment building looks like irregularly stacked building blocks, creating a stunning visual effect that is almost confusing when you see it, as it goes against all traditional construction rules. At the Jewel Changi Airport, there is an amazing indoor waterfall that combines natural and urban aesthetics. There are so many gems scattered about in this incredible city, it makes exploring an absolute dream for architecture enthusiasts. For those that want a long look at the rapidly approaching technological future of cutting edge architecture, there are many cities in Asia that can offer you a wondrous experience.