Stephanie and Andrew at their wedding. MDWfeatures / Stephanie Muller

Planning a wedding can be a huge headache for some. The struggle to get everyone in place on time can be a very stressful concept. A wedding that is done on a cruise ship can be a fun-filled adventure that is a lot less stressful to prepare.


Getting Everyone Together

One of the best things about the cruise ship wedding is the ability to get everyone together in the same place. It can be difficult to get people to show up on time for a wedding when they are on land. Some people may be running late. Others may have a longer destination to travel from to make it to the wedding. When everyone has agreed to come aboard a ship you know that all of your guests are in close vicinity. 


Wedding and Reception 

A difficult part of the wedding planning often comes from looking for a place to have the wedding and the reception to follow. Cruise weddings are great because there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to the wedding and reception. Both of these events can be held on the ship. 

The cruise weddings are great because there are packages exclusively for people that want to get married while they are out at sea. There are customized wedding packages that allow people to invite friends and also get VIP specials that they can enjoy after the wedding as a married couple. 

Couples can get packages with a wedding ceremony area where everything is already decorated. There is no need to get any event planner or a decorator to do any additional work. This takes a lot of stress off the couple, and it also saves a lot of money.


Entertainment Options Are Abundant

Entertainment options are abundant. That is another thing that couples appreciate about the cruise wedding experience. It is easy to see how an entire group could enjoy the wedding, perception and still have entertainment options after all of the wedding affairs are over. 

The family and friends can come together for the wedding and the wedding reception, but they have the ability to see shows, have dinner and go to parties on the ship as well.

There is even more excitement for a cruise that has shore excursions where the guest can get off and enjoy themselves just as the couple enjoys the shore excursion activities. This makes a cruise wedding ideal for everyone involved. The couple has a great time, and their guests also get a chance to enjoy a great trip.


The Honeymoon 

A lot of couples partake in a cruise destination wedding because they have the ability to combine a cruise wedding and reception, but they also get the benefit of a honeymoon package as well. There are options for breakfast in bed and champagne delivered to their room. Couples get the chance to explore some romantic destinations when they are stopping at different stops. The ability to access the all-inclusive meals along with specialty restaurant options gives a new couple a great amount of food options without spending a ton of money on food.


Saving Money 

Getting on a cruise ship condenses your expenses. A wedding, reception and honeymoon that are all aboard a cruise ship helps you maximize your fun while minimizing your expenses. This can be your first step in saving money together as a couple.


Memories That Last 

What most couples want more than anything is a memorable wedding day. They want to do something out of the ordinary. This is exactly what a cruise wedding is. It is an escape from the monotony that often comes with traditional wedding settings.

A wedding on a cruise ship definitely becomes something to remember. It becomes a great celebration that serves as an extraordinary start to a couple’s life together. Their friends and family members get to witness a union at sea that most of them will never forget.


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