Surprise! The fox mid pounce. Mediadrumimages/JohnnyKrüger

By Alex Jones


THIS FOX looks delighted with itself as it leaps towards a startled mouse in an astonishing photograph.

A stunning series of images shows a fox bearing down and leaping onto a terrified mouse in spectacular detail.

The remarkable shots were captured by German photography tutor, Johnny Krüger (58) whilst on a  recent photography shoot on the snow-dappled hills on the border of Czech Republic and Slovakia.

A fox bears down on its squeaky prey. Mediadrumimages/JohnnyKrüger

“I travel all over the world conducting photography lessons for people,” explained Krüger.

“At least that’s what I did before the pandemic started.

“I love wildlife photos and foxes in particular; I’m a conservationist so work very hard to show how beautiful foxes are and why we do everything we can to protect them. They are treated very badly across the world, even in the UK. I’m quite new to Instagram but this photo has gone ‘viral’ – it’s been quite amazing to see.”

The mouse is chomped down as slow flies up. Mediadrumimages/JohnnyKrüger

To ensure that his students get this sort of stunning shot on each o his lessons, the 58-year-old photographer uses his innate knowledge of local wildlife to line up his epic shots.

“I hope that my photos will make people sit up and talk about foxes, and this one has done just that,” added Krüger, who uses the Instagram handle @tierphoto_traum

“I believe we can make change happen.”