By Liana Jacob


MEET THE woman in a relationship with a man TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS her senior who strangers mistake for her DAD.

In March 2014, YouTube influencer, Harriette Simmons (30) from Norwich, UK, first met the love of her life, carpenter, Micky Lowe (58), whilst they were working in retail.

There were instant sparks flying between them and they began dating. Whilst even during the early stages of their relationship Harriette saw a future, Micky didn’t think their romance was going to last due to their 28-year age gap.

Micky and Harriette on one of their date nights. MDWfeatures / Harriette Simmons

However, six years later and they’re still going strong, proving so many people wrong. They have been frequently mistaken for father and daughter, even though Harriette gets along with Micky’s actual three sons, Liam (27), Jake (30) and Joss (32), despite being of similar ages.

Whilst the public haven’t warmed to their relationship, their families have been nothing but supportive, with Harriette admitting that her grandmother and grandfather ‘love him to pieces’.

For years they have built up an online presence to support other age gap couples on YouTube where she has over 72,000 subscribers and Instagram where she has nearly 50,000 followers.

Micky and Harriette enjoying a day out together. MDWfeatures / Harriette Simmons

“We met through work and six years later here we are. I even remember the first time I saw him and what he was wearing,” Harriette said.

“We went on a few dates and one day I asked Micky if he would like to see if we could make it official and see where go on from there.

“Micky always said he didn’t think it was going to last when we first met, he said I was young and thought it was just a phase for me, he said even if it only lasted a few months, it would be the best few months.

Harriette says she and Micky get a lot of stares in public due to their age gap. MDWfeatures / Harriette Simmons

“For me it was [love at first sight]; I thought Micky was handsome and I liked his personality, he made me laugh and smile, he treated me like a lady and respected me.

“I found we also shared the same interests like we both have always wanted to travel around India, we have the same taste in music, film and we both have a love for food, especially ice cream and chocolate.

“Our families were not shocked, but I guess they were interested to meet us both. My nanny and granddad love him to pieces.

Harriette has a YouTube channel where she and Micky dispel myths about age gap couples and try to normalise this type of relationship. MDWfeatures / Harriette Simmons

“When we’ve been out in public, people have mixed us up as being father and daughter. The hurtful comments we have got are all online through comments left on my YouTube channel or on my Instagram page.”

Even though they have received some backlash online about their relationship, they have no regrets and Harriette even spends time with Micky’s three sons, who love her.

“We have not really had difficult times throughout our relationship, touch wood. But if anything did come up, I know we would stick together and try and get through it,” she said.

Micky and Harriette pictured in the car on one of their drives. MDWfeatures / Harriette Simmons

“Micky’s younger son lived with us for a while and it was nice having him around. We all live in different cities, so we don’t get to see each other as much as we’d like but when we do we always have a good time.

“Me and Micky plan to finish converting the old coach we bought so we can travel with our pugs and vlog it for my YouTube channel. We don’t plan to have kids; the pugs are enough for us.

“At the end of the day we are not doing anyone any harm, we love each other, care for each other, make each other laugh and smile, we have our ups and our downs like any other couple, we are no different from any other couple.

Micky and Harriette enjoying a day out together. MDWfeatures / Harriette Simmons

“I choose to be with Micky because I love him and that is all that matters, I didn’t choose to be with him because of his age.

“People don’t choose to be in a relationship because of each other’s ages but for reasons like love, trust, friendship etc.”