Ruby now creates custom online fetish content for her fans. MDWfeatures / @rubydollsunset

By Kate Harrold


WOMAN spends ONE-HUNDRED-AND-SEVENTY-THOUSAND-POUNDS on gravity-defying breasts – all paid for by her FOLLOWERS.

Fetish content creator and body modification artist, Ruby Doll Sunset (25) from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, has gathered a loyal legion of 20,000 Instagram fans thanks to her unique modified look. Ruby has always been fascinated with hyper-feminine, extreme beauty and ‘gravity-defying’ breasts. Since 2014, she has been seeking to create the look on her own body.

To date, Ruby has spent over £170,000 ($200,000) creating her ‘futuristic bimbo’ aesthetic – partially funded by her custom online fetish content purchased by her fans. Ruby’s surgeries include an upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, regular lip fillers, and multiple breast augmentations. Ruby has upgraded from her original 550cc implants to a much larger 3600cc implant – vastly increasing her breast size from her original 34A cup.

Ruby photographed aged 19, pre-surgery. MDWfeatures / @rubydollsunset

The transformation of Ruby’s body is far from over as the young modification artist hopes to continue using her body as a canvas for her aesthetic vision. Possible upcoming plans include increasing Ruby’s implant size to 4600cc, continuing to enlarge her lips, and undergoing butt implant and lift surgery.

Ruby has the full support of her friends and family who encourage her to continue pursuing a vision that brings her happiness. Ruby is aware that her unique look may not be to everyone’s tastes but that isn’t something she puts her energy into. Her fans – particularly men – call her a ‘goddess’ and ‘other-worldly.’ Some even create fan-art and that is enough gratification for Ruby.

It means a great deal to Ruby that she is able to inspire others to pursue their own aesthetic visions regardless of what is considered conventionally beautiful. She hopes to continue spreading this message through her online custom fetish content.

Ruby feels much more confidant with her gravity-defying breasts. MDWfeatures / @rubydollsunset

“I’ve always been into hyper-feminine, extreme beauty and I’ve loved the look of gravity-defying breasts ever since I was younger,” Ruby said.

“The desire to treat myself as art and build upon my own body-canvas has only increased with age.

“I don’t try to emulate anyone’s look. That being said, a lot of my aesthetic taste is interlinked with a futuristic bimbo aesthetic.

Ruby isn’t afraid to flaunt her assets following her 3600cc implant surgery. MDWfeatures / @rubydollsunset

“For the past five years, I’ve had one breast augmentation done each year. This has brought me from a starting point of a set of 550cc implants all the way to having reached my current goal of 3600cc implants.

“I’ve also had an upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty to give my sultry eyes even more depth.

“For the past three years, I’ve also invested heavily into getting lip fillers done monthly to gradually increase the size of my lips. I’ve been doing two millilitres worth of syringes per two appointments each month.

Ruby shows off her busty look in a shiny red dress. MDWfeatures / @rubydollsunset

“In the future, I’m planning to get a medium-sized butt implant and a Brazilian butt lift procedure. I’d also considering increasing my implants to 4600cc.”

Ruby creates online fetish content which allows her to pay for her lavish lifestyle.

“So far, I’ve spent in excess of $200,000 on achieving these goals. I’m continuously moulding my unique brand whilst enjoying the journey of living an offbeat lifestyle,” Ruby said.

Ruby loves clothing that shows off her plastic-positive assets. MDWfeatures / @rubydollsunset

“I’ve never had a sponsor and I’m not into the sugar daddy game.

“I’ve had success in the stripping and camming world in the past. Now, I’ve got experience in ‘Findom’ (financial domination) and online fetish content.

“I’ve acquired a loving online fan-base that is so supportive. They are like an extended family to me.”

Ruby loves getting lip filler and has no plans to stop. MDWfeatures / @rubydollsunset

Ruby is supported not only by her fans but also by her friends and family and hopes to inspire others to follow their own personal vision.

“I get plenty of positive comments on my look from people of all backgrounds, age groups, and lifestyles,” Ruby said.

“The men that are attracted to me are very respectful in their comments. They call me a goddess or say that I’m brave, stunning, or other-worldly. They also appreciate the serious dedication and commitment towards my lifestyle journey.

Ruby’s surgery transformation is far from over as she hopes to continue enlarging her breasts and lips. MDWfeatures / @rubydollsunset

“My favourite comments are from fans who tell me that I keep them going and inspire them to become the best version of themselves.

“I only receive a very small percentage of online hate spewed towards me by miserable people. My haters hold no bearing to my success.

“My loving family has been incredibly supportive of my journey. My friends all accept me for who I am and love the person I am on the inside – the look is just a bonus.

Ruby sucking on a lollypop as she flaunts her busty look. MDWfeatures / @rubydollsunset

“I hope to show people that outer beauty is subjective and that’s okay. Taste differs from person to person, but a person like me isn’t focused on appeasing everyone. I’m about self-expression. The most beautiful people are the happiest because they choose not to hold back who they are.

“I look forward to putting many more smiles onto my fans faces through my custom content.”

For more, please visit Ruby’s Instagram page.