Fans love Ainslee's curvy assets - which she's not afraid to flaunt. MDWfeatures / @chasingainslee

By Kate Harrold


SINCE this sexy housewife became a cam girl she’s been bombarded with attention from men the same age as her son – but insists her husband doesn’t mind.

Housewife and cam model, Ainslee Divine (46), from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, has always been business-savvy. Several years after leaving college, Ainslee built up her own million-dollar real estate company, but it wasn’t until she passed the milestone of turning 40 that she found her true calling.

In 2016, several producers approached the glamourous mum of one and asked if she’d ever considered camming work. It’s not something that Ainslee had ever considered but intrigued by the opportunity, she acquired some equipment and went live with her first cam session in October of that year.

Ainslee feels more confident than ever. MDWfeatures / @chasingainslee

It’s no surprise that Ainslee attracts plenty of male attention. Three quarters of her demographic are aged between 18 and 44 – some the same age as Ainslee’s son (23).

Whilst out with her family, Ainslee certainly turns heads and she’s often caught wives shouting at their husbands for looking in her direction. On Instagram, fans have branded Ainslee a ‘sensual goddess,’ and ‘the hottest girl I’ve ever seen.’

Ainslee’s cam clients share the same devotion. One regular client pays Ainslee £6.90 ($9) a minute to do the whole cam session with the webcam in or next to her mouth as he likes to watch her teeth.

Ainslee’s confidence boost didn’t come until she turned 40. Here she is photographed in her early 30s. MDWfeatures / @chasingainslee

Despite the undeniable attention, both Ainslee’s son and Jeff (52), are proud of the mum’s achievements. Earning almost three times as much as she did as a realtor, Ainslee is free to set her own hours and indulge in the odd splurge – including a Porsche 911 Turbo S Convertible worth at least £165,000.

“I get all sorts of reactions from heads turning, to men tapping their friends on the shoulder,” Ainslee said.

“Men tend to stop and stare and I often catch wives and girlfriends yelling or slapping their man for looking at me. I love how I look and if any woman tells you they don’t like the attention, they’re lying.

Ainslee stuns in a red bikini. MDWfeatures / @chasingainslee

“I’m not one to hide my assets so even when I’m out with my husband, guys stop to flirt but it always makes it a fun evening for us – that’s for sure.

“I was contacted by camming producers who ‘liked my look’ shortly after starting my Instagram account. I’d never been naked on the internet and I had no idea if this was something that I wanted to do.

“After doing some homework, I decided to set-up my own business and purchased all the supplies I needed to get started.

Ainslee leans back against her Porsche. MDWfeatures / @chasingainslee

“There isn’t much about the job that I don’t love. I work from home and make my own hours. Every day is different so it never gets boring or monotonous. I make a ton of money which is an added bonus.

“The requests I receive are varied. I do everything from simple vanilla requests to role play to fetishes. I try to keep an open mind.

“I have one client that has me put the webcam in or near my mouth for the entire session as he talks to me about my teeth and how much he loves them. That was a first for me. I’m wondering if he’s a dentist or orthodontist.

Ainslee now earns triple what she earnt whilst working in real estate. MDWfeatures / @chasingainslee

“I think being a mum helps me deal with clients who just want to talk as I’m a compassionate listener.

“My family are all supportive of what I do. My job is my job but I’m a mum and wife first and foremost.”

Since becoming a cam girl, Ainslee has spent £22,900 ($30,000) on breast surgery increasing her breast size from a 32B to a 32G, but has predominantly maintained her youthful physique through exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Ainslee poses in a purple bikini. MDWfeatures / @chasingainslee

“I love my body now that I’m in my forties much more than I did in my twenties,” Ainslee said.

“I’m much more focused on what I eat and I love working out through classes like Pilates and HIIT.

“I’m always working hard to be a better person – surrounding myself with the most positive people. I’m close to being half-way through my life – time is promised to no one – and I want and need to enjoy myself.

Ainslee says exercise and living a healthy lifestyle are important if you want to stay feeling young. MDWfeatures / @chasingainslee

“There are no true secrets to looking and feeling young. Of course, a quick nip and tuck here and there as needed is handy.”

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