Cefalù is one of the most famous and renowned seaside resorts in all of Italy and is certainly one of the best known in all of Sicily.  And this is all to say because Sicily is the largest island in all of Italy. And Italy, as you know, is full of beautiful seaside resorts.

In Cefalù, as is easy to guess, you can find beautiful villas to rent during the summer holidays to spend dream holidays.

Crystal clear and pure water, white and sandy beaches, an amazing and attractive promenade, a world-famous square and a magnificent and ancient cathedral, evidence of the passage on the island of the Normans are just some of the aspects that should push the most demanding tourists to leave for Cefalù. Villas in Cefalù Sicily embody all of this.

Geographically located close to the northern coast of the island, the city is equipped with all services and amenities for tourists: conveniently close to the airport of Palermo (also a Baroque city of incredible historical value) is also the starting point for visits near the Madonie. Starting from Cefalù you can go to practically any point of interest on the Sicilian Island and you can enjoy both the history and the culture of the Sicilian folklore.

There are countless palaces and churches that bear witness to the millenary succession of domination of the various populations that passed through Sicily.  In Cefalù, moreover, there is the famous Cathedral decorated with Byzantine mosaics of the twelfth century.

The narrow streets of Cefalù are typical for their narrow structure that offers picturesque views at every turn.

Cefalù. A city for 365 days Holiday

Holidays in a villa in Cefalù offer summer days with a Mediterranean climate made of sun and sea breeze. Many of the beaches charge a fee and are completely furnished with sunbeds, umbrellas, beach bars and restaurants.  Cefalù offers villas with different types of privacy, services and comfort. Many of them have private swimming pools, beach access and are close to the town centre.

There are different types of holiday apartments in Sicily, those in and around Cefalù offer intimate, compact and comfortable accommodation, ideal for small parties and are designed for couples or small families.

The northern coast of Sicily also offers an excellent range of fun activities. From group jogging to guided tours and activities in the countryside to snorkeling.

Cefalù is a charming destination for people who want to enjoy a 360-degree holiday and not have to worry about anything for a couple of days.

A very popular destination in the summer season, Cefalù lends itself as a holiday home also for the myriad of concerts of famous singers who organize their tours or participate in events and manifestations between June and August.

In practice, renting a villa in Cefalù means renting a villa in the middle of the most exclusive Italian nightlife.

But don’t worry: if you love peace and relaxing, ten minutes’ walk from the concerts you will find hidden, private and quiet coves.

In short, whether you like wild noise or absolute silence, in Cefalù you will feel at home.

We’re sure you’re already looking at your holiday planner. We know this because we do too, Cefalù is waiting for us…

We don’t know when you will go on holiday to Cefalù, how much you will be treated or who will accompany you, but we know for sure that you will never want to leave!