By Balraj Sohal#


THIS FAMILY have a PET SHEEP who they say has become a part of their clan – but they admit all the attention has turned her in to a bit of a DIVA.

Odlaug (1), is an adorable Norwegian sheep being raised on the little island of Tansøy on Norway’s west coast by farmer, Frank Tansø, (36). Born in April 2018 at Frank’s farm, Odlaug’s mother was unable to care for her, and after quickly falling in love with the cuddly mammal, Frank and his wife Veronica (36) along with their two children Nilia (8) and Jack (6) decided to take her in.

Cute pictures show the love and joy Odlaug brings to her new family, especially Nilia, who in one image is pictured spreading her arms ready to embrace her furry friend.

TANSØY, NORWAY: Jack and Nilia with their beloved pet sheep, Odlaug. Mediadrumimages / Veronica Tansø

Other shots show Odlaug on her daily walk, prancing without a leash as she follows her family and posing against the gorgeous blue sky before indulging in her favourite snack.

“The kids have done a super job with Odlaug… she was born on Frank’s farm but has been raised by his kids with a little help from their mum”, Veronica modestly explains.

Odlaug has become an integral part of the family and their community and she is taking all the love and attention in her stride.

TANSØY, NORWAY: Nilia feeding Odlaug. Mediadrumimages / Veronica Tansø

“She loves to go hiking on the islands mountains, we always have food and candy for her in our backpack… she has become a real diva sheep, she loves to be groomed and massaged.

“Having a pet sheep is something different, people haven’t seen anything like this before, and her Instagram is mostly just her happy and smiling.

“People love to cuddle her, some kids can be a bit afraid of her because she is big and not shy at all, and most kids are not used to a sheep that runs to you. She can even try to jump on you if she thinks you have candy, she believes every human is a walking candy bar.”

TANSØY, NORWAY: Odlaug is just like any other member of the family. Mediadrumimages / Veronica Tansø

The only downside is when Veronica and the family plan a vacation and are away from their beloved pet for a few days.

“We feel bad for not visiting her, we are afraid she misses us and that she is wondering why we haven’t been there… and if she gets a bit sick, we get very worried,” Veronica continued.

However, Odlaug is lucky enough to be taken care of by Veronica’s mother-in-law, Sollaug Berg (61) whilst they are away, and because Frank and Veronica have neutered four other sheep since Odlaug, she never has to feel lonely.

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