Dallas (on the left), Cassie (in the middle) and Matt (on the right). Cassie Brooks / mediadrumworld.com

By Rebecca Drew



THIS POLYAMOROUS triad are hoping to get engaged soon despite not being able to get married legally as a three and they insist that jealousy is not a factor in their relationship.


Cassie Brooks (20) and her partner Dallas Bowling (21) met on Tumblr in 2013 and instantly fell in love, with Dallas even moving from her home state of Arizona to Florida, USA, two years later to be closer to Cassie.

Cassie (on the left) and Dallas (on the right).
Cassie Brooks / mediadrumworld.com


Growing up, Cassie was home-schooled alongside Matt Sichterman (21) but they slowly drifted apart as her and Dallas’ relationship grew more serious. After months of not seeing each other, Cassie bumped into Matt by chance at an event and their childhood spark was reignited, and as Matt grew closer to both Dallas and Cassie, the three decided to try and become a triad, which works the same as any monogamous relationship.


“We haven’t always been in a triad. At first, it was just Dallas and I. We met on Tumblr in 2013. We have been together since we were teenagers, and Dallas even moved here from Arizona to be with me in 2015,” explained Cassie.

Matt (on the far right) and Cassie (in the middle) drifted apart from each other as Cassie and Dallas’ (on the far left) relationship grew stronger.
Cassie Brooks / mediadrumworld.com


“Matt and I were home-schooled together, so we’ve known each other for years. We used to be best friends, but we drifted away for a few years, right around the time Dallas and I began dating, before running into each other at an event in late 2015.


“We were both excited to see each other and felt that spark that had always been there between the two of us, it was an intense teenage crush we’ve had on each other that just never went away. It was palpable.

Growing up, Cassie (on the left) was home-schooled alongside Matt (on the right).
Cassie Brooks / mediadrumworld.com


“We reconnected, but Matt and I still hadn’t talked about that energy between the two of us; how could we? I wondered how I could feel this way about Dallas and also Matt, so I kept it to myself, hoping it would pass.


“Dallas and Matt were becoming close, and Matt started hanging out with Dallas and my friends as well. We had a few nights where Matt crashed at our place, a tiny studio apartment, and so we all wound up sleeping in the same bed.

Cassie (on the left) with Dallas (on the right).
Cassie Brooks / mediadrumworld.com


“One morning, we all woke up intertwined, cuddling, and holding hands. I think that was when we knew there was something bigger here and it wasn’t going away. That was when we started researching three-person relationships, triads and polyamory.


“We really didn’t know anything about it, and we weren’t seeking this sort of thing but it just fell into our laps. We decided it would be stupid to give up this opportunity and decided to try being a triad.

Dallas (on the left), Cassie (in the middle) and Matt (on the right).
Cassie Brooks / mediadrumworld.com


“It’s literally like any other two-person monogamous relationship; there’s just three of us. Plus a lot more talking. And lots of lists. And more financial freedom, since there’s three of us contributing.”


Theatre teacher Cassie, baker Dallas and musician Matt are all in accordance that their relationship ensures that they have the constant love and support of two people.

Matt (on the left), Cassie (in the middle), and Dallas (on the left).
Cassie Brooks / mediadrumworld.com


“Polyamory and being in a triad means all the love and support I could have ever asked for,” said Dallas.


“Not everything can be fixed or helped by one person alone, and wanting to do something doesn’t mean your partner necessarily wants to.

Matt (on the left) with Dallas (on the right).
Cassie Brooks / mediadrumworld.com


“So, having two partners means that I have a person perfect for every situation.”


“It means the world to me, really,” added Matt.

Dallas (on the left), Cassie (in the middle) and Matt (on the right).
Cassie Brooks / mediadrumworld.com


“Having so much love and support is paramount.


“Having two people to consistently talk to, lean on, and share responsibilities with is great.”

Cassie (on the left), Matt (in the middle) and Dallas (on the right).
Cassie Brooks / mediadrumworld.com


The three plan to get engaged soon and hope to become parents. Cassie went into detail about how their families have accepted their relationships.


“My family is super accepting. My dad has been known to say that to people who ask him about it that we the strongest, healthiest, best working relationship he’s seen, polyamorous or not,” she said.

Matt (at the top), Cassie (in the middle) and Dallas (at the bottom).
Cassie Brooks / mediadrumworld.com


“That means a lot to me that he can see that. When I first told my mom that we were all dating she said: ‘Wait, are you telling me you’re having a threesome?’ After having a good laugh, I explained to her that it was a little more than that, which is why I was telling her.


“She said she always thought Matt and I would wind up together, so this was perfect. My younger siblings enjoy having an extra person in the family, and they and my parents love Dallas and Matt and think our relationship is super cool. Everyone was already over the moon with my choice of Dallas, so having Matt too has been just extra great.

Matt (on the left), Cassie (in the middle), Dallas (on the right).
Cassie Brooks / mediadrumworld.com


“Dallas’ family was sceptical at first at the idea of adding someone to our already great relationship, but after meeting Matt, those worries vanished, and now it’s just normal for them.


“We plan to get engaged soon. Even though we all legally can’t get married, we are looking forward to having a wedding. One day, we’d love to be parents.”

Sparks flew between Cassie (on the left), Matt (in the middle) and Dallas (on the left) and they embarked on a triad relationship.
Cassie Brooks / mediadrumworld.com


Cassie went onto discuss how they deal with any feelings or jealousy that might arise and the reactions her and her partners receive when out in public.


“Jealousy is not really a huge issue in our relationship, because we are always communicating. I don’t think we struggle with it any more than people in a ‘normal’ relationship do,” she said.

Cassie (on the left), Matt (in the middle) and Dallas (on the right).
Cassie Brooks / mediadrumworld.com

“Jealousy is always a warning sign that something is not right, or someone’s not talking about their emotions, so we just try to dive past the jealousy, and focus on the root of the problem.


“People always ask Matt, ‘Do your two girlfriends know about each other?’ and then they usually gas him up and think he’s cool for having two girls. They think he’s some type of hotshot.


“People’s reactions to Dallas and I are different, probably because of sexism, honestly, they usually say, ‘Oh I could never share!’ or, ‘I would get jealous.’ But once we explain how our relationship works and they see how in love we are with each other, most people start to get it or at least get that it works for us.

Dallas (on the left), Matt (in the middle) and Cassie (on the right).
Cassie Brooks / mediadrumworld.com


“Our friends have loved it from the start because they can see how happy we are. We’re very lucky.


“Polyamory is a great option! Try it! Love freely and openly, the world needs it.”


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