Jane Veltmann / mediadrumworld.com

By Rebecca Drew

HAUNTING images have revealed a substantial trophy collection in an abandoned house that looks as though it has been frozen in time.

The series of photographs show what looks like trophies won for pigeon racing still proudly displayed. Other shots show a pantry packed full of pickled vegetables and tinned fish, dentures left on a bedside table and artwork depicting Jesus.

Jane Veltmann / mediadrumworld.com


One picture shows a cobweb ridden crucifix whilst another shows a dining table laden with clutter.

The eerie photographs were taken in Belgium by care assistant, Jane Veltmann (32) from Laufen, Germany. To take her pictures, Jane used a Canon Eos 20D.

“I don’t know who the family were who lived here but I found some family pictures and pictures of children. I would say that the family were very religious because of the paintings, crosses and statues,” she said.

Jane Veltmann / mediadrumworld.com


“In one room, there was an oxygen bottle and lot of medication so I think the person who lived there must have been very sick.

“My favourite thing about this house was the huge trophy collection and all the other details in the house, there was so much to discover.”

Jane didn’t run into any problems whilst on the shoot but says she didn’t feel alone in the house.

Jane Veltmann / mediadrumworld.com


“The spooky thing was that when I was at the ground floor, I heard footsteps and when I looked there was nobody there,” she added.

“I had the feeling that I wasn’t alone during the time I spent in the house.

“For many years I have suffered with depression but with the hobby of urban exploration, I found an important valve to deal with it.

“My hobby is my life and it means everything to me. I could not imagine a life without it. I love it so much.”

Jane Veltmann / mediadrumworld.com


For more information see www.frostbitesurbanexploration.de